Inclusive Excellence

At The College of St. Scholastica (CSS), we believe that equity and inclusion are key ingredients to academic excellence and the success of all our students. Our Catholic Benedictine heritage, grounded in Catholic social teaching, informs this vision.

Research has proven that a demographically diverse student body deeply benefits all students. Through exposure to a range of cultures and perspectives, our students build the cultural fluency they need to need to live, work and excel among people from varying groups within the United States and globally. For CSS, inclusive excellence goes beyond accepting differences; our goal is to actively cultivate a campus environment where students, faculty and staff of every background and experience can thrive. At minimum, this means respecting all regardless of race, ethnicity, age, class, gender, sexual orientation, physical abilities/qualities, religion, nationality, or any other difference.

A transforming community

Yet inclusion is about more than lists and numbers. To achieve true academic excellence, CSS promotes a rigorous search for knowledge that welcomes complexity and new ways of thinking. We embrace divergent views and dissent within the context of community seeking social justice. Such diversity in learning is also a key component to our students' success.

CSS has engaged in deliberate strategies for the past decade to infuse equity and inclusion throughout our community. We have learned that it requires a sustained and multi-pronged effort; that to "add diversity, and stir" is not the solution. Our goal is to transform our college into a space that equally honors and values all individuals and groups.

View the Statement on Inclusive Excellence.

View the Inclusive Excellence Strategic Plan Summary.

A legacy of inclusion

To fulfill this vision, we draw on 100-year history of inclusive innovation. As a college founded for women even before women had the right to vote, we continue to espouse core values that inform our goal of being more equitable and pluralistic: these values are Community, Hospitality, Respect, Stewardship and Love of Learning. This rich heritage positions us to lead as an institution where every member of our community experiences both learning through diversity and diversity in learning. For our Catholic Benedictine institution, inclusive excellence is not just an idea — it's a moral and ethical imperative.

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Office of Diversity and Inclusion

Welcome to the St. Scholastica Office of Diversity and Inclusion. With an increasingly diverse campus community we have expanded our advocacy program — you can find us on the second floor of Tower Hall.

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Multicultural and Diversity Programs and Services

We aim to serve the entire campus community, with the goal of continuously fostering a welcoming and inclusive environment for all.

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The Inclusive
Excellence Journey