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Keys & Locks

Requesting Keys | Lock Change Requests | Returning Keys | Lost Keys | Residence Hall & Apartment Keys

The purpose of the key and lock policy is to effectively control the issuance and access to keys on campus in order to maximize security to campus property and personnel. All keys remain the property of The College of St. Scholastica. Key exchanges and reproduction of a College key is forbidden.

Office and Classroom Keys

Requesting Keys

Only active employees will be issued keys. Requests for individual faculty and staff are requested on a Work Order Request Form, which is forwarded to Facilities Services. Requests must be signed by Department Heads. Master keys will require the signature of the Facilities Services Director and are issued only on a need basis. The requestor will be contacted when the key is ready. Keys may be picked up at the Facilities Services front desk. The issuant will be required to sign a Key Agreement stating they will be responsible for their key(s). There is no key deposit.

Departments that have special access or key control requirements may need to establish internal procedures to meet those requirements. The Facilities Services Director has the authority to review any special needs request before proceeding and may refuse the issue of a key if the need is not justified.

Lock Change Requests

When a lock change is necessary, the request must come to the Facilities Services department on a Work Order Request or Office Move Form. A thorough review of the area affected by the lock change is done before the change is made to avoid compromising anyone else who may need access to the area.

Returning Keys

If transferring to another department, keys must be returned to Facilities Services. Key exchanges are not permitted.

When employment is terminated, all keys must be turned in to Human Resources. Human Resources will request a list of keys that an individual is holding from Facilities Services when they are notified that an employee will be leaving the College. Human Resources will collect the keys during the exit interview.

Individuals will receive a receipt indicating the keys that have been returned.

Lost Keys

The Facilities Services department and the appropriate department head should be notified immediately when an employee has lost their keys. The replacement process is the same as outlined in "Requesting Keys". Additional charges could be imposed for lost keys if re-keying is required.

Residence Hall and Apartment Keys

The Residential Life Department issues residence hall and apartment keys. It is the resident's responsibility to lock their room or apartment and keep the key with them at all times. Any problems with room keys or door access problems should be reported to the campus operator and/or the Residential Life office.

Somers Hall

In Somers Hall students will be assigned a room key upon moving in. Student identification cards will open the outside doors and inner security of Somers Hall. The main entrance is open from 6 a.m. to 10 p.m. daily.


Pine, Maple, Willow and Birch Apartments are security buildings that are locked at all times. In these apartments, as well as the Grove and Cedar Hall Apartments, each resident is assigned a key upon moving in.

Locked Out

If a resident is locked out of their room or apartment, they may sign out a temporary key at the Somers Hall Front Desk. The key must be returned immediately after opening the door.

Lost Keys

If a resident loses a key, it must be reported immediately to Residential Life. There is a $25 charge for replacement keys.


The Residential Life Team will respect the privacy of a student as long as the student respects the rights of fellow students and the College. Authorized College personnel have the right to enter a room or apartment for the purpose of making repairs and for reasons of health, fire, safety, conduct or general welfare. Maintenance requests shall be considered permission to enter.