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The Rose Frenzel Warner Writing and Critical Thinking Center

Students in the writing center

We do everything but write the paper for you

The Rose Warner Writing and Critical Thinking Center is where all students can receive free, collaborative feedback on any and all forms of writing. Our space is available for studying, writing, printing or collaborating.  Please contact Steve Backus, the Director, at with any questions.  He can also be reached by phone: 218-723-6657.

How to get help

  • The best way to get help this semester is to visit and make an appointment.  Once there, go to "Assistance with Writing" and check the writing tutors' schedules.  To help us out, we request the following information: brief assignment, feedback needs, and due date.  Once you are in touch with a tutor, you'll be able to determine how you would like your session conducted (via Zoom, for example). 
  • Students can also drop in to the Center Monday and Wednesday from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. to receive face to face help with Steve Backus, the Director.  He will also be available Tuesdays and Thursdays  from 12:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. 
  • Steve works with students seven (7) days a week online.   If students need writing help, he requests the same information: brief assignment, feedback needs, and due date.   Turnaround is normally 48-72 hours; however, he makes exceptions based on the student's sitation.

We can help with:

Thesis statements--Brainstorming & inventing--Introductions & conclusions--Language use--Research--Coherence & clarity--Assignment interpretation--APA & MLA--Audience & purpose--Organization--Evidence & support.

We work with:

Argumentative essays--Reflection essays--Critical Analyses--Research papers--Literature reviews--Resumes/CV's & Cover letters.


Please stop by the Writing Center if you'd like handouts on different topics.  Here is an example:

To view a short video introducing the Writing Center, click here.

Volunteer in the Writing Center

Please contact Steve if you'd like to work voluntarily in the Center.  There are obviously many benefits:

•Network with people
•Build interpersonal communication skills
•Snag an excellent letter of recommendation
•Become a writing/teaching expert

Writing Center presentations

The Writing Center offers various presentation and workshop opportunities for faculty and staff.

Past workshops have included:

  • Style (APA, MLA)
  • Writing Processes
  • Teaching tips
  • Creating assignments and course activities

Contact Steve if you are interested in a presentation, workshop or classroom visit.


Warner Writing Center
Tower Hall,
Room 2121

M, W 9:00-4:00

T, R 12:00-4:00

Steve BackusSteve Backus
Director, Writing Center
Tower Hall,
Room 2121C
(218) 723-6657