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Veritas, St. Scholastica’s General Education Program

Instructor working with a student in a classroom.

In Latin, veritas means "truth."

At St. Scholastica, Veritas is also the name of our General Education Program, which has an essential role, together with the majors, in fulfilling the College's distinctive academic mission of liberal education in the Catholic Intellectual Tradition by emphasizing the search for truth across a breadth of disciplines. 

What is a liberal education?

The Association of American Colleges & Universities defines liberal education as an "approach to learning that empowers individuals and prepares them to deal with complexity, diversity, and change. It provides students with broad knowledge of the wider world (e.g. science, culture, and society) as well as in-depth study in a specific area of interest."

In all Veritas courses students engage in the Personal and Social Responsibility values that inform a St. Scholastica education:

  •      Intercultural knowledge and competence
  •      Ethical reasoning and action
  •      Civic knowledge and engagement 

These skills are essential in preparing students for a life of career wellness and meaningful work.

The value of Veritas

We could tell you all about how 80 percent of employers think every student should acquire broad knowledge in the liberal arts, why a liberal arts education is the best job preparation or how a liberal arts degree has become tech's hottest ticket.

But don't just take our word for it. Take a look at what students say about their liberal education experience at St. Scholastica.

"[Through a liberal education,] I learned more about myself and what values I want to take with me throughout my life. I became more confident in identifying who I was, what I valued, and where I wanted to go in life during the years I was at CSS. It's a great place to find yourself."
Jenna Dobosenski, '14, Psychology and Organizational Behavior

"I think the most important thing that CSS has taught me wasn't necessarily equations or grammar, but rather how to build meaningful relationships, develop a strong work ethic, and balance school, work, activities, and my personal life."

 — Tannyr Heyl, '15, Management and Public Relations

In fact, this liberal arts background also helped Kendra Souther, '13, get the prestigious National Science Foundation Fellowship as she pursues her Ph.D. in chemistry.

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