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Research and Internship Opportunities

Petri dish being used in science lab

Collaborative research projects

Programs in the School of Sciences are enhanced by a strong culture of research. Throughout their time here, students have the opportunity to collaborate with faculty — both in the classroom and the lab — to identify and solve real-world problems.

National summer research projects

Students from the School of Sciences are encouraged to pursue Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU's). Opportunities are offered throughout the United States and may be found by visiting the National Science Foundation REU website. Depending on the program, other corporate and governmental research opportunities may also be available.


Gaining experience is essential prior to entering the workplace. And there is perhaps no better way to do this than through internships that allow students to work on-site with companies prior to graduating. Students interested in internship opportunities should contact their adviser for further information.

Real-world experience

In addition to the research and internship opportunities offered, students gain knowledge through on-campus fieldwork and lab experience. Whether it is collecting samples from a river or creek, uncovering the mystery behind a form of virus or identifying psychological issues related to stress, students learn invaluable skills to excel in their careers.

Get started.

Want to apply to take part in a research project, internship or on-campus fieldwork? Contact your adviser to discuss the options available within your program.

Laura Banken

Student Research in Biology