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Undergraduate Areas of Study

Exercise Physiology

At its core, Exercise Physiology is the study of physiological mechanisms underlying physical activity. In this program. students learn how to deliver treatment services focused on the improvement of health and fitness, rehabilitate heart disease and other chronic diseases and provide professional guidance to athletes and other active people who are training for their sport or activity.

Health Informatics and Information Management

Health records and health information systems are the backbone of clinics and hospital systems. This program provides students with the professional knowledge necessary to assume management responsibility for health records and health information systems in a variety of settings. It is ideal for the person who likes the healthcare environment but does not want direct patient contact.

Health Sciences

The Health Sciences school degree has two concentrations: one for 3 + 2 Athletic Training students, and one for students with an interest in healthcare but who have not fulfilled the requirements for a specific program within the school.

Social Work

St. Scholastica's Social Work Program prepares social work practitioners who demonstrate entry-level competence, practice ethical behavior, promote social justice and serve diverse communities in the Benedictine tradition, which includes the values of community, hospitality, stewardship, and love of learning. Social work addresses the needs of individuals, families, groups and communities. The core values of the profession are service, social justice, dignity and individual worth, importance of human relationships, integrity and competence.