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Organizational Leadership

Instructor and students in classroom

Integrating management theory and practice

This program of interdisciplinary study prepares students who wish to more fully understand organizations and the behaviors of people within them. This degree is well-suited to current supervisors and managers who are hoping to advance their careers. This program is designed to build the skills employers are seeking, such as interpersonal communication, working with teams, and decision making. This major also prepares students who wish to undertake graduate study in various areas of organization studies or management. 

Research and internship opportunities

Internship opportunities are found in a variety of areas including human resource offices, organization development units, consulting organizations and within the field of public administration. Internships are strongly encouraged. Students receive internships in various organizations, such as Target, Securian, City of Duluth, and on campus internships through WellU and Career Services. Opportunities to work with faculty  on research projects may also be available. The most recent project focused on an authentic leadership study conducted with undergraduate students. 

Locations and formats

The organizational leadership program is offered in a traditional day format at our main campus in Duluth and as a fully online degree program.

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Kathy Modin, MAM