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The three major areas of finance

Finance can be divided into three areas:

  1. Financial Management is the study of ways in which managers obtain funds, manage working capital, and allocate funds to long-term investments.  Every firm, no matter how small, needs someone to manage funds.  A manager also uses financial information to assess the strategies of the firm and to assess whether the firm is achieving its objectives. 
  2. Financial Markets and Institutions is the study of money markets (short-term debt) and capital markets (long-term debt and equity).  Attention is given to the manner in which financial traders behave in a global market; the role played in the financial market by different financial institutions (commercial banks, credit unions, investment banks); and the effects upon the financial system of national and international policymakers. 
  3. Investment is the study of techniques used by individuals to manage portfolios and provide financial planning. 

St. Scholastica's finance program prepares students to enter jobs in any of the three areas of finance.

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