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What classes do I need to take?

Theology and Religious Studies (40 semester credits)

Students majoring in Theology and Religious Studies choose one of Theology and Religious Studies Concentrations: Theology and Religion, Pastoral Ministry,or Youth Ministry and Religious Education. Majors complete the following coursework:1. 12 semester credits from among departmental core courses:

  • 4 credits in Theology, selecting from among
    TRS 1101 Introduction to Christian Theology
    TRS 1110 Introduction to Catholicism
    TRS 1122 Faith, Foundations, and Great Ideas
  • 4 credits in Biblical Studies, selecting from among:
    TRS 1103 Introduction to the Bible
    TRS 1104 Introduction to the Hebrew Scriptures
    TRS 1105 Introduction to the New Testament
  • 4 credits in World Religions:
    TRS 2601 Religions of the World

2. 16 semester credits from among departmental area courses:

  • 4 credits in Theology (TRS 324033153350, or 4777)
  • 4 credits from Biblical Studies (TRS 311031203130, or 4130)
  • 4 credits from Moral Theology ( TRS 210133103311, or 4777)
  • 4 credits from World Religions (TRS 3601, 3602, 3603, 4777)

The Department also offers a minor in Theology and Religious Studies. Students who pursue a minor in Theology and Religious Studies are required to complete 24 semester credits as follows: 8 credits from among the departmental core courses and 16 credits from among all departmental courses, 8 of which must be in 3000/4000 level departmental elective courses. The College offers a major and minor in Catholic Studies. The Braegelman Program in Catholic Studies is designed for students interested in deepening their knowledge of Catholicism's rich tradition and its interaction with culture. Students who wish to know more are encouraged to contact Denise Starkey at or visit the Catholic Studies website.

Research and Internships

Numerous internship opportunities are available that offer students significant leadership experience in religious or theological education, child or youth ministry, retreat work, or social justice.  Department faculty work closely with students to identify and secure internships.