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Ojibwe (course offerings)

Ojibwe Singers

Within Global, Cultural and Language Studies, St. Scholastica offers Ojibwe language courses. These classes seek to teach students the Ojibwe language while they learn about various aspects of both modern and traditional Ojibwe culture. A significant amount of time and effort is spent learning about traditional Ojibwe subsistence activities, while also becoming aware of the more modern practices for subsistence harvests. 

Rather than the more traditional structural approach which focuses on grammar, these Ojibwe language courses are centered around developing communicative abilities and developing the competency to actually use the language in speech and writing.

Coursework Outcomes

Students will be well on their way to becoming bilingual and possess a deeper understanding of their Ojibwe neighbors and the experience of the original native Minnesotans. Specifically, course outcomes are designed to assure that students will acquire reading, writing, speaking and listening skills in the Ojibwe language. 

Cultural Learning

Whether it's experiencing the traditional art form of storytelling or seeing revitalization first-hand in Ojibwe language immersion schools, students learn the language and culture through community involvement.

Clubs and Organizations

If you would like to become involved in the Indigenous Student Alliance (ISA) or would like more information, please contact the program chair.

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