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Recital Information

Procedures for Solo Recitals

Recitals may be given to satisfy both the music degree's Milestone requirement and the music degree's Capstone requirement. Before a student gives a recital, he or she must pass a Recital Permission at least four weeks prior to the date of the recital.

Recital Permission

A Recital Permission is a performance for the faculty of portions of your recital. Faculty may request to hear any portion of the recital during the permission. For recitals that are to fulfill degree requirements, the passing of the Recital Permission implies a satisfactory level of performance for the degree requirement. The quality of your preparation with your accompanist(s) is an important part of "a satisfactory performance." Recital Permissions will be 10 minutes for Milestone recitals, 20 minutes for Capstone recitals. Please bring a copy of your program (including program notes) to your recital permission. 

The Recital Permission may be 1) passed unconditionally, 2) passed with certain stipulations, or 3) failed. In the case of 2) or 3), the recital may be postponed or canceled until four weeks after a satisfactory completion of the permission. Permissions should be scheduled in conjunction with your applied music instructor and the department chair.

Reserving Recital Dates

You may tentatively reserve the Mitchell Auditorium for rehearsals and recitals after you have set a date for your recital permission. Emily Valine can assist in determining the Mitchell's availability and submitting a scheduling request. After you have passed your Recital Permission, you may confirm your recital and rehearsal dates. Be sure to let all music faculty know of the confirmed recital date.

Program Notes

Program notes are required for Milestone and Capstone recitals. Your applied music instructor will communicate requirements for length and content of program notes. The music faculty will read your notes following your recital permission and offer feedback before approving them.

An electronic copy of your recital program should be submitted to Dr. Jeremy Craycraft and Emily Valine no later than three weeks before the recital. The cover page should include your name and instrument or voice, the names of any assisting musicians, and the date and time of your recital. Following this, include in program order, complete titles, movement headings, composers' names and dates, and intermission (if you will have one). Program notes should follow. Acknowledgment of your applied instructor should appear below the program. Please indicate on the program if you will offer a reception. 

Once the program has been formatted, you and your applied music instructor will receive a copy to approve or make any final changes. The Music Department will order and pay for 50 programs to be printed on campus, of which 5 are kept for department records. It's a good idea to save a copy or two of all programs in which you participate; these can be useful for future job applications.


You may plan a reception after your recital. You provide the wherewithal. Arrange with two students, friends, or family to prepare and serve the reception. You will be responsible for the security of rooms and materials lent to you for the reception.

Technical Details

If your recital is in Mitchell Auditorium, auditorium staff will handle such technical details as lighting and moving of pianos. You will need to arrange for page turners and possibly ushers. If you have flowers for the stage, please arrange for a small table to put them on. Flowers should never be put on the piano.