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Music Lessons

There are two levels of music lessons: 1000-level (lower division) and 3000-level (upper division). 

Lessons are divided into the following categories:

1713:  30-minute lessons, 1 credit
1715:  50-minute lessons, 2 credits
3713:  30-minute lessons, 1 or 2 credits
3715:  50-minute lessons, 3 or 4 credits

*Section numbers, 1 and 2, are used to distinguish between instrumental and vocal lessons.

The first digit of the course number indicates the level. First-year students register for 1000-level, e.g., MUS 1713.

Students audition for the music faculty before moving on to the upper division level (this can happen through a recital or Performance Final).  Students are not allowed to sign up for upper division lessons without Music Department Chair approval. Your teacher will give you more information on the requirements for each level. Transfer students may audition for advanced levels upon enrollment at the College. 

Visit the links for Musicorum, Performance Finals, and Recital Information.