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Music Department Facilities and Equipment

Students registered for music courses, music lessons, and music ensembles at The College of St. Scholastica have access to practice and study facilities as well as to instruments and other materials.

Music faculty, staff, and students work together to ensure that all facilities and equipment remain in good condition so that students may get the full benefit from them. Please keep food out of practice rooms and the Music Hall, and ensure that drinks are kept in closed containers away from pianos and other instruments. To prevent damage to rooms and instruments, please close all windows when you leave these rooms.

Music Library 

The Music Library is part library resource center, part study space and lounge for students enrolled in Music courses and ensembles. The space houses an extensive collection of recordings (CDs and LPs), printed sheet music and scores, and music reference materials. Computers with Sibelius notation software and MIDI keyboards are available for use by music students.

Music Hall

The Music Hall (T3625) is a small rehearsal and performance space used by smaller ensembles for rehearsals and for other Music classes and performances (including Musicorum). 


Music classrooms are T4605 and T4611 (Piano Lab).

Practice Rooms

Practice rooms in the Music Department are T4606, T4608, T4610, T4612, T4614, and T4616. Additional practice rooms are located in Maple 104, Cedar 208, Scanlon 303, Kerst 201 and 203, and the Somers Penthouse.

Instrument Storage Lockers

Music lockers are located in T4622. Students enrolled in Music ensembles and courses may check out a locker in which to store instruments throughout the year. To check out a locker, see the Music Library staff at the desk in T4615. Combination locks are provided by the department; you may not use your own lock. For security purposes, be sure to keep your locker locked at all times.


Keyboard instruments include many pianos (including several fine Steinway grand pianos) and harpsichords. The Music Department owns most types of orchestral and band instruments, including strings, woodwinds, brass, and percussion. We also have a large collection of early instruments, including recorders and other early wind instruments, as well as viols and lutes.

Music Faculty and Staff Offices

Offices are located on the 4th floor of Tower Hall, primarily in the 4600 wing. See the Music Library staff in T4615 if you need help locating a particular faculty member's office.

Main Library

The Main Library (located through the Cloister Walk above the Chapel) houses a large collection of books about music as well as many scores, music periodicals, music reference works, and video recordings. Books about music are on the 4th floor (see ML and MT call numbers), as are scores (see M call numbers). Music reference works are on the first floor (ML and MT call numbers). The library holds subscriptions to several specialized music periodicals. Current issues are located on the first floor; back issues are on the second floor. Video-recordings are kept on the first floor. 

Mitchell Auditorium

Mitchell Auditorium is used by many other departments and groups from both on and off campus as well as the Music Department, and reservations are made on a first-come, first-served basis. All reservations must be made through the Scheduling Office. Student recitalists must have already scheduled a Recital Permission with music faculty before performance dates in Mitchell may be requested (see Recitals page.) Check with Dr. Nicholas Susi if you plan to use a piano or harpsichord in Mitchell.