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Medieval and Renaissance studies

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Learn about early cultures, arts, history, literature, religions, philosophies, languages and sciences

Medieval and Renaissance studies (MER) offers students an interdisciplinary and multi-disciplinary minor focusing on western culture from late antiquity through the beginnings of European colonialism. Core courses ground students in medieval and Renaissance thought and cultures, while elective courses offer options to develop particular interests. With careful planning, students integrate coursework in the General Education Program to develop a multi-disciplinary and interdisciplinary focus in MER. Students from across campus and from numerous major disciplines pursue the minor. 

Program Outcomes

MER furthers the College's commitment to prepare students for responsibilities as working professionals, informed citizens, and thoughtful individuals.  Students completing this minor will be able to demonstrate the following outcomes essential in professional, social, and personal settings:

  • Cultural understanding: Value different ways of living and expressing the human experience by examining artifacts and what they reveal about their cultural contexts.
  • Disciplinary and interdisciplinary understanding: Explore interrelations between various artistic, intellectual, and cultural forms and ideas and by studying and practicing multi-disciplinary and interdisciplinary theories and methodologies.
  • Critical thinking: Analyze, evaluate, and synthesize  various texts, issues, and problems.
  • Communication arts: Practice skills of speaking, listening, reading, and writing.
  • Independent research: Hone investigative skills to complete individual projects.
  • Collaborative work: Develop the interpersonal, intellectual and creative skills crucial to completing collaborative projects.

Formats and Locations

The Medieval and Renaissance Studies minor is offered in a traditional, on-campus format at our main Duluth campus.

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