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The department offers a coherent and rigorous program in history. The curriculum is truly global in its reach, both regionally and thematically. We have full-time faculty specializing in several regions of world history: North America, Europe and Russia, and Asia. The department also has important thematic strengths: intellectual history, cultural history/studies, social history, women's history and gender studies, and international history and politics (including colonialism, imperialism, and globalization).

The combination of regional and thematic areas of concentration enables the department to offer a well-rounded curriculum that is global in breadth yet thematically focused, especially in intellectual and cultural history. Department faculty members are dedicated teachers and active research scholars. Faculty research and teaching interests include:

  • World history and politics
  • Ancient and classical history
  • US social and cultural history
  • African American history and culture
  • Abraham Lincoln and the Civil War era
  • Race, gender, and ethnicity
  • European and Russian intellectual history
  • Religious history and philosophy
  • Cultural studies and theory
  • East Asian history
  • Nationalism and national identity
  • Historical memory
  • Liberalism, political philosophy and human rights

A History major must successfully complete 36 semester credits in history. At least 20 credits must be completed at St. Scholastica, and at least 20 credits must be upper-division (3000 or higher). Required courses include HIS 3206 (Historiography and Historical Methods) and a 4000-level seminar. In addition, students must complete at least one course from each of the following fields (total of 12 credits): United States history, World history, and European history.

A History minor must complete 20 credits in history, with at least 12 credits being completed at St. Scholastica. Required courses include HIS 3206 (Historiography and Historical Methods) and a 4000 level seminar.

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Research and Internship Opportunities

History majors and minors complete a research project in the required 4000-level seminar and are also encouraged to pursue independent research projects supervised by faculty mentors.

A wide range of internships are available at the St. Louis County Historical Society – with which the department has close ties — at numerous other organizations and agencies in Duluth and in Minnesota, and in Washington, D.C., through the Washington Semester Program at American University. There are also research and internship opportunities available with The Middle Ground, a professional online journal for world historians, edited in the Department of History and Politics.

History and Politics Club

The History and Politics Club gets together for meetings and activity fairs. For more information please contact the club's faculty advisor, Professor Liang, at