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Going beyond the basics

The photography minor at St. Scholastica offers students a chance to expand their knowledge and appreciation of photography beyond the introductory course.

Our program is unique in that we offer both a film-based and digital courses. Students not only learn darkroom methods, but about alternative photo methods, exploring 19th century printing techniques like cyanotype, van dyke and gum prints. Digital photography classes are conducted in a digital darkroom, with a state-of-the-art photographic printer and a lab that allows students to develop their editing skills and fine-tune their work.

Current offerings include:

  • Film-Based: Photography I (beginning black and white), Photography II (advanced black and white), Alternative Photo Methods (19th century printing techniques and other non-mainstream photo processes).
  • Digital Courses: Digital Photography (introductory course), Photojournalism (news or documentary photography), and Color and Landscape Photography (specific focus on landscape photographs).


Upon completion, students gain the following knowledge and skills:

  • Aesthetic awareness of what makes a good photograph  
  • Knowledge of the history of photography and how we arrived at the present state of image making
  • Personal creative growth through challenging assignments
  • Technical knowledge of camera controls and the creative possibilities of such controls
  • Awareness of the creative process and aesthetic improvement of students' own work
  • Ability to produce fine art photographs
  • Knowledge of proper display and exhibition processes


Students interested in internship experience are placed in area photography businesses. This gives them the opportunity to learn firsthand about the commercial side of photography - working with clients, producing work, etc.


The visual image is ubiquitous in American culture and plays a key role in shaping our collective memory of watershed events. Whether it's in news, entertainment, advertising, sports and other industries, one cannot venture far without seeing photographs. Graduates of the program have the same level of diversity in their career options — choosing to operate their own studios or use their skills in the advertising, public relations or journalism fields.

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