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American Sign Language (course offerings)

Two students sitting at a table signing to one another

The American Sign Language (ASL) curriculum provides students with the knowledge and skills to learn about deaf people, their culture and of course their language. Our ASL and deaf culture courses require students to create educational opportunities for their community to learn about deaf people and their language. Our students not only learn about deaf people and their language, but are taught to become allies to the deaf community.

Students with no knowledge or skill in ASL can enroll in beginning level courses. For those students who have some skills signing, a sign language assessment determines appropriate placement in the curriculum.

Deaf Language and Culture Minor

The Deaf Language and Culture minor prepares students in the multidisciplinary study of American Sign Language, deaf people, their language and their culture. The minor is open to anyone enrolled in all bachelor's degree programs. The minor courses address a variety of topics in the study of deaf language and culture including the study of ASL and its structure, ASL literature, literature in English pertaining to the deaf experience, the history of deaf people in America and around the globe, art and cinema, the experience from racial, ethnic, age, and other minority groups, oppression in the lives deaf people, political, legal, and educational issues affecting members of the deaf community. The minor complements majors in fields such as education, business, science, health science, policy studies, communication, psychology, and various scientific and technical fields.

The College of St. Scholastica creates public awareness of this truly special deaf world and fosters the desire to communicate with deaf people and bridge these two communities together through direct communication. We work to prepare our students to use ASL in their personal and professional lives.

American Sign Language (ASL) Club

The ASL Club on campus is extremely active and plans a plethora of activities that provide even more opportunities for students to use their new skills to interact, educate, advocate, and model what they are learning in the classroom. The club hosts a program that was developed at the College, called CAPS (Children and Parents Signing). This program provides free sign language courses to families with deaf and hard of hearing children. In addition, each year the club brings famous people from the deaf community for presentations and workshops that draw people from all over the Northland area.

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