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History Resources

Organization of American Historians. Links for the History Profession

Teaching History 

American Historical Association. Resources for Teachers at All Level

History Resources. Princeton University Library

American Historical Association.

H-Net: Humanities On-Line. The main Internet site for historical discussion. H-Net features discussion lists organized by specialty, an archive of book reviews, and important information on the state of the profession. It also includes a "Brief Citation Guide for Internet Sources in History and the Humanities"--the best available guide for citing Internet materials.

History. The Department of History at Vanderbilt University.

Internet Directories. Jean and Alexander Heard Library, Central Library: Resources for History. Vanderbilt University. An extensive, well-organized, easily accessible directory of internet sites, organizations and institutions, libraries and archives, paper collections, and other resources in ancient, medieval, United States/North American, U.S. Civil War, European, and Asian history.

Best of History Web Sites - Over 700, includes maps.

Center for History and New Media - From George Mason University. Outstanding and comprehensive resource useful for absolutely all historians.

History Gateway - Good collection of web sites, arranged both by country/region and topic.

History Guide - Informations Weiser Geschichte - From Göttingen State and University Library. Searchable and browseable by region, time period, and subject.

History Links from Yahoo Organized geographically, topically, and chronologically.

Map History / History of Cartography - "All the worthwhile information about old maps can be found here, or from here."

UNESCO Archives Portal - Searchable international gateway to information for archivists and archive users.

Internet History Source-books Project. Fordham University. Designed and maintained by Paul Halsall, this is one of the most visited pedagogical sites in the world and has received numerous accolades from teachers and scholars.

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