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History and Politics Department

The Department of History and Politics at St. Scholastica offers a number of programs (see the list of majors and minors below) and contributes to the liberal arts education of all St. Scholastica students. Department faculty members are dedicated teachers and active research scholars. One of our strengths is the integration of intellectual, social, and cultural history. Faculty research and teaching interests include world history and politics; ancient and classical history; US social and cultural history; American Indian history and studies; African American history and culture; Abraham Lincoln and the Civil War era; race, gender, and ethnicity; European and Russian intellectual history; religious history and philosophy; cultural studies and theory; the history and politics of colonialism, imperialism and globalization; East Asian history; nationalism and national identity; historical memory; and liberalism, political philosophy, and human rights.

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The Department of History and Politics offers the following programs:

  • History (major)
  • History (minor)
  • Social Studies Secondary Education (major)
  • American Indian Studies (minor)
  • Political Science (minor)

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Career Options

History majors learn a lot about the human past. They also learn how to organize and assess evidence, analyze problems and interpret complex events, think critically, and argue persuasively. They learn how to speak and write intelligently, clearly, and forcefully. They learn, in short, about research, analysis, interpretation, and presentation. These skills are essential for success in many professions. Most history majors do not, in fact, become professional historians. They rather study history as the center of a broad and rigorous education in the liberal arts. Some of the professional paths pursued by history majors include: education, law, politics, journalism, business, public policy, interest group advocacy, civil and foreign service, archival and library science, museum studies, historic preservation, and public history. History is also excellent preparation for graduate school in these and other fields.

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