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Global, Cultural and Language studies

The Department of Global, Cultural and Language Studies strives to advance the understanding of cultural processes that shape and transform social, economic, political, and personal identities in an increasingly interconnected world. The program uniquely fulfills the College’s commitment to “responsible living and meaningful work” through the pursuit of critical thinking and self-knowledge, exposure to a variety of cultural and disciplinary perspectives, and in particular through a passion for social justice.

Central to the orientation of the Department is the idea that language and culture are interconnected, not independent of one another. As such, their study requires an intentionally interdisciplinary and participatory approach that deliberately integrates the study of language, literature, history, politics, anthropology and the arts to develop a multifaceted understanding of intercultural relations.

The Department houses all of the language programs at the College; American Sign Language, French, German, Latin, Ojibwemowin, Russian and Spanish. Each language program weaves into its curriculum a wealth of information about the cultures and societies of the peoples who use these languages, as described above. In conjunction with the language programs themselves there are opportunities to immerse oneself in the culture being studied. These range from formal study abroad programs to Mexico, Russia and Germany to activities within local communities where ASL and Ojibwemowin are used. The College’s Tanzania Service Trip also finds a home in the Department, offering students the opportunity to provide service to the communities associated with the monasteries of the Sisters of St. Agnes in southwestern Tanzania.

There are two Majors offered in the Department. There is a Major in Global, Cultural and Language Studies, and a Major in Spanish. The Spanish major can be combined with coursework in Education for a Spanish Education major. Besides the majors, students can pursue formal minors in Deaf Language and Culture, French, German, Russian and Spanish with opportunities to pursue self-designed minors incorporating the other languages offered.

The Department of Global, Cultural and Language Studies offers students a welcoming and academically rigorous place to explore themselves and the world, and to find a way to leave a lasting impact through their work.