Honors Program

The Honors Program at The College of St. Scholastica was created to provide an environment for Honors students to have enriched learning experiences and provide a community of support for learners devoted to a vigorous life of the mind. The Honors Program achieves these goals by providing a supportive setting for the unique social and academic needs of these students.

The courses in the Honors Program are designed to provide challenging learning experiences, to investigate compelling and controversial ideas, and to require students to take charge of their learning by being actively engaged in the learning process instead of being passive receivers of information. Involvement in honors courses allows students to exercise their intellect and develop their potential to the greatest degree possible.

The honors faculty acts as intellectual mentors for students in the Honors Program, serving as role models of academic rigor, critical reflection and analysis, and the integration of ideas from different disciplines. Faculty members who teach in the Honors Program also function as academic advisors to honors students.

Students who become involved in The College of St. Scholastica Honors Program should strive to love ideas and the discussion of them, not fearing intellectual debate. Honors students are able to listen to others' ideas with respect, no matter how much those ideas might conflict with personal sentiments. They embrace their college opportunities, demand the best that the College can offer, and are willing to risk the analysis of an idea for its improvement and for the individual's greater understanding. They desire a life of learning.

For Further Information

Contact the Honors Program Director, Dr. Stephanie Johnson at sjohnson2@css.edu.

If you would like more information about our program or financial aid contact:

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