Social Studies Course Descriptions

SSC Courses SSC Courses

SSC 3900 - Social Sciences Methods - 4 cr.
Introduction to social studies education in both middle school and high school settings. Topics include the nature and purposes of social studies education, the social studies curriculum, planning and designing a social studies unit and course, community resources, assessment, classroom management, the Minnesota Graduation Rule, and clinical experience in a social studies classroom. Students also spend time with teachers new to the profession and participate in mock interviews for social studies teaching positions. Pre- or co-requisite: EDU 3800.

Prerequisite Course: SSC 3905

SSC 3905 - Social Studies Mthd Fld Experi - 1 cr.
Introduces students to the culture of a high school environment. They observe and assist a social studies teacher, interview school personnel, talk with students, and teach technology-integrated social studies lessons and content area reading strategies. Assessment practices are observed and practiced. Co-requisite: SSC 3900.

Prerequisite Courses: EDU 2800, EDU 2805