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Physical Education Course Descriptions

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PED 1110 - Physical Conditioning - 0-2 cr.
Physical Conditioning

PED 1161 - Canoe Camping - 0-2 cr.
Canoe Camping

PED 1163 - Rock Climbing - 0-2 cr.
Introduce you to top-rope and/or sport-lead rock climbing skills. We will have indoor wall sessions, personal climbing, and belay certification requirements as well as a camping/climbing trip to a nationally renowned location. Instructional sessions emphasize: technique, safety, and skills for a lifetime of enjoyment. Pre-trip training will take place at the Indoor climbing wall in the BWC. Indoor sessions will begin in March and continue until mid-April. The required weekend trip will take place either the third or fourth weekend in April. Specific dates will be sent to you via email after spring semester begins.

PED 1164 - Winter Camping - 0-2 cr.
Winter Camping

PED 1277 - Sea Kayaking - 0-2 cr.
Sea kayaking.