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Humanities Course Descriptions

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HUM 1174 - Introduction to Geography - 4 cr.
A topical overview of physical, cultural, economic and regional geography. The course is designed for those with little or no background in the discipline. Required for SSC majors.

HUM 3366 - Travel Writing ( Integrations: VIOP - Electives ) - 4 cr.
Designed for students interested in exploring Ireland through writing, this course emphasizes the writing process as adapted to travel experiences. Requirements include reading travel writing by others, keeping a journal of observations, writing several travel pieces, and participating in writers' workshops. When offered, the course is taught onsite in Ireland.

HUM 3378 - Spirituality and Prayer - 4 cr.
Explores a theology and practice of prayer as reflected by some classic and contemporary Christian and non- Christian writers. This course encourages students to discover their own unique pathways of prayer, develop a personal relationship with God in their spiritual quest and engage in a prayer life that nurtures and inspires their quest for meaning in life.

HUM 3777 - Topics - 2-4 cr.