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Humanities Course Descriptions

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HUM 1174 - Introduction to Geography - 4 cr.
A topical overview of physical, cultural, economic and regional geography. The course is designed for those with little or no background in the discipline. Required for SSC majors.

HUM 2101 - Cross Cultural Understanding - 4 cr.
Emphasis on the necessity for becoming knowledgeable about the target culture, the techniques that can be used to penetrate another culture and the responsibilities one has in achieving intercultural communication.

Crosslist Course: GCL 2101

HUM 2150 - Ethnicity & Performing Arts - 4 cr.
A consideration of the impact of the performing arts (music and dance) within African-American, American Indian, Asian-American, and Latino/a communities in the United States. Our study is structured around social and political movements that have emerged out of the performing arts. By examining songs, poetry, dance and martial arts forms in their cultural, historical and political contexts, we consider how individuals and communities use them to construct racial, class and gender identity, to express world view, make political statements, question authority and seek social justice. Throughout the course, we seek out common themes and concerns faced by the four communities we study, but we also note the ways in which individual artists creatively engage with, express, and are empowered by cultural difference.

HUM 3366 - Travel Writing ( Integrations: VIOP - Open ) - 4 cr.
Designed for students interested in exploring Ireland through writing, this course emphasizes the writing process as adapted to travel experiences. Requirements include reading travel writing by others, keeping a journal of observations, writing several travel pieces, and participating in writers' workshops. When offered, the course is taught onsite in Ireland.

HUM 3378 - Spirituality and Prayer - 4 cr.
Explores a theology and practice of prayer as reflected by some classic and contemporary Christian and non- Christian writers. This course encourages students to discover their own unique pathways of prayer, develop a personal relationship with God in their spiritual quest and engage in a prayer life that nurtures and inspires their quest for meaning in life.

HUM 3777 - Topics - 2-4 cr.