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Soweto Gospel Choir on stage in the Mitchell Auditorium.Mitchell Auditorium

The Mitchell Auditorium has state-of-the-art acoustics and excellent sightlines. The latest in technical equipment provides the ability to accommodate meetings, seminars, lectures, and other large capacity events, in addition to its primary function as a performing arts center. The auditorium accommodates 585 fixed theater-style seats in tiered rows. Accessibility provisions include assistive-listening devices and flexible seating for wheelchairs and scooters.

Visit the Mitchell Venue Details page for accessibility information, technical specifications and rental details.

The St. Scholastica TheatreSt. Scholastica Theatre

The CSS Theatre has the charm of being one of the older buildings on campus. The former gymnasium has been renovated to an intimate 100 seat theatre space, but if you look up you can still see some of the supports that held the basketball hoops. The theatre is flexible in its ability to accommodate proscenium, thrust and arena formations for great creative flexibility in the design process. An almost entirely student-run program, the theatre offers multiple work-study and practicum opportunities for all students, from the casually interested to the theatre geek. The St. Scholastica Theatre is located directly behind Tower Hall.

Somers LoungeSomers Lounge

Somers Lounge is located in Somers Hall. It can truly be a lounge with its cathedral windows, decorative fireplace and living room furniture, allowing you and your guests very comfortable surroundings for your casual group meetings. However, it is also a marvelous setting for an evening group travel lecture, or a television media event.