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The Oreck-Alpern Interreligious Forum

We cover topics such as the importance of courage, humility, creativity, vulnerability, and being unafraid of new ideas as necessary preconditions to the relationship and change which allow us to deepen our humanity. 

Funding for the Oreck-Alpern Interreligious Forum is provided in large part by an anonymous donor and with special support from the Ben & Jeanne Overman Charitable Trust, as well as other gifts to The College of St. Scholastica.

More information about the Oreck-Alpern Interreligious forum:

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Contact one of the facilitators below if you have interest in participating. All study groups are free, open to the public, and welcoming of new members. For additional information about the Oreck-Alpern Interreligious Forum, please contact Jim Perlman, Study Group Coordinator at or visit Oreck Alpern Interreligious Forum.