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The progression of social justice scholars at The College of St. Scholastica is unique to every individual, but there are trends that we have identified that may help you in your own social justice identity development and growth.

Set your sights

As you are is a great place to begin. See yourself reflected by exploring St. Scholastica with a diverse group of student ambassadors. These students share why they chose to be at St. Scholastica and what it’s “really” like.

Visit St. Scholastica with a student ambassador

The Student Ambassador program recruits current St. Scholastica students from diverse backgrounds to participate and serve as ambassadors to interested incoming students or families visiting the College. To request a visit with EDI or Student Ambassadors contact us.

If you think St. Scholastica is a good fit here are some things to think about before enrolling

  • Applying for scholarships
  • Multicultural Leadership Orientation (MLO)
  • Dignitas and social justice scholarships
  • Tribal funding

Explore and persist

To begin we want you focused on your academics, adjusting to college life and exploring a variety of social justice interests.

Get connected with campus resources such as:

You are strongly encouraged to explore many student activities, social justice clubs and volunteer experiences.

Multicultural Leadership Orientation

This five-day orientation session is designed to provide new incoming students an opportunity to:

  • Strengthen leadership skills
  • Explore and expand their understanding of social justice
  • Build lifelong relationships with other new and returning St. Scholastica students

Students also get to meet staff and faculty who will support them for the transition to college and support their academic success. This program is run primarily by current St. Scholastica students and is supported by the Office of Equity, Diversity and Inclusion.

Student spaces

Your home away from home

The Center for Just Living

Center for Just Living student spaceHang out, be yourself, build community, challenge yourself and learn from others. Located on the ground floor of Tower Hall (T25), the Center for Just Living (The CJL) serves as a social gathering space for students. A safe place for students of color, LGBTQ+ and other underrepresented students on campus. Social justice clubs meet here and plan club events.

The Intercultural Center

Intercultural Center Student SpaceThe bridge between The CJL and the student union on the ground floor of Tower Hall (T23 and T21). Open to all students for studying and hanging out. The Intercultural Center (The IC) promotes cross-cultural understanding and inclusivity by encouraging the campus community to socially engage and interact with one another respectfully in a diverse environment.

Jiimaan Abiwin

Jiimaan Abiwin Student SpaceLocated on the third floor of Tower Hall (T3115), the Jiimaan Abiwin room (also known as the Canoe Room) is a place for Native American students to create a community with other Native students. Students practice spirituality and know that they are in a safe environment based on their unique needs and culture. Smudging is allowed in this space for physical and mental well-being.

Get involved and take risks

At this time students have begun to narrow down their social justice interests. Social and academic supports are often established. Scholars may find themselves taking on additional responsibilities within clubs, organizations, student activities or within the community. Leadership skills are being developed and refined.


As students gain skills and experience they are generally poised to take on active leadership roles. This may include but is not limited to board roles in student activities, social justice clubs, student senate and/or leading community service efforts, advocacy and taking social justice action. Students often begin mentoring, supporting and empowering others.

Give back (and look forward)

Students approaching graduation are often planning and preparing for life after St. Scholastica such as applying to grad school, attending job fairs, applying for jobs and seeking internships. There can be a decline in attending club meetings and campus activities and there can be a shift toward mentoring, advising, supporting, coaching and empowering other students in their social justice efforts. 

Graduating seniors are honored at the Social Justice Recognition Reception for their commitment, time and energy at the end of the spring semester.

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Upcoming Events

  • Portrait of Diana Mena

    "It was incredible because my experience in MLO helped to identify some of the reasons I had trouble owning my Latino heritage. And when I realized a lot of other people had similar stories to mine, it led me down the path to social justice and social work."

    – Diana Mena '17