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Values from our Benedictine Heritage

2020-21 Value of the Year: Community

Benedictine Cross


Sharing responsibility to create and support community. Creating a climate which promotes a sense of community while valuing the uniqueness of the individual. Manifesting an ability to adapt to circumstances without compromising our values.

Resident Assistants participating in a beginning of the school year trainingNew beginnings

For the first time since March, St. Scholastica is welcoming students back to campus as Fall 2020 classes begin. Faculty, staff and College leaders worked throughout the summer ... Read More

Benedictine Cross


Cherishing and promoting the worth of all human life. Treating persons with dignity and reverence without regard to age, gender, race, minority, sexual orientation or economic status. Honoring and supporting the spirituality of each person. Valuing the dignity of all work. Promoting participation of all persons in the decisions affecting their lives.

Group of OT students posing for the camera with a patientA beneficial convergence

For a group of occupational therapy students, a cross-college, interdisciplinary collaboration over the last year led to firsthand lessons on the vast potential in 3-D printing ... Read More

Benedictine Cross

Love of Learning

Preserving the intellectual and material heritage entrusted to us by past generations. Transmitting the treasures of human culture to new generations. Creating scholarly, artistic and scientific works which enrich and enlarge human life. Integrating thought and action as complementary aspects of a full human life.

Future Physician Assistants intently practice suture knot tyingVirtual delivery leads to innovative teaching

When St. Scholastica shifted to a distance learning format this spring, professors faced the challenge of converting hands-on, in-person learning experiences to meaningful virtual ... Read More

Benedictine Cross


Creating a welcoming atmosphere personally and institutionally. Listening and responding sensitively to all. Extending warmth and acceptance to all. Welcoming new ideas and being open to change.

Elizabeth Tran, Michael Nguyen, Mary Tran and Julie Tran in the Intercultural Center at St. ScholasticaBlazing a trail

When first-generation students begin their college journey, there is so much that's new, from financial aid and campus visits to class registration and beyond. In the case of Mary Tran ... Read More

Benedictine Cross


Utilizing human resources responsibly. Providing wise and respectful use of all material and monetary resources. Promoting prudent use of resources and energy. Finding time for work, play and prayer in daily life, which will promote physical, mental and spiritual growth.

Amy Lyttle wearing one of the masks she's sewing for the healthcare crisis.Handmade with care

Second-year Physician Assistant student Amy Lyttle is more than willing to do her part to slow the spread of the COVID-19 virus by simply staying home. But she wants to do more.  ... Read More