Values from our Benedictine Heritage

2019-20 Value of the Year: Respect

Benedictine Cross


Cherishing and promoting the worth of all human life. Treating persons with dignity and reverence without regard to age, gender, race, minority, sexual orientation or economic status. Honoring and supporting the spirituality of each person. Valuing the dignity of all work. Promoting participation of all persons in the decisions affecting their lives.

Kaitlin Box provides health coaching to a St. Scholastica employee, Madonna LeBlanc.Steps to success

With her eye on corporate wellness positions, Box is excited about opportunities to help employees set and reach fitness goals on their way to sustainable health. ... Read More

Benedictine Cross


Sharing responsibility to create and support community. Creating a climate which promotes a sense of community while valuing the uniqueness of the individual. Manifesting an ability to adapt to circumstances without compromising our values.

Nick Aspin performing in Sense and SensibilityPut yourself out there

Throughout his youth, Aspin performed in choir and theatre programs, making the programs at St. Scholastica a natural fit. There, he found a community and a place to grow ... Read More

Benedictine Cross

Love of Learning

Preserving the intellectual and material heritage entrusted to us by past generations. Transmitting the treasures of human culture to new generations. Creating scholarly, artistic and scientific works which enrich and enlarge human life. Integrating thought and action as complementary aspects of a full human life.

Timothy Jessen, nursing studentFlight plan

When Jessen arrived at St. Scholastica, the sense of community and support from students and faculty felt like confirmation of his decision to attend ... Read More

Benedictine Cross


Creating a welcoming atmosphere personally and institutionally. Listening and responding sensitively to all. Extending warmth and acceptance to all. Welcoming new ideas and being open to change.

Cruz family sitting in the Burns Wellness CommonsLeading by example

The most powerful examples of leadership are found in the quiet, everyday acts that inspire others to live up to their greatest potential. After all, it takes courage to move away ... Read More

Benedictine Cross


Utilizing human resources responsibly. Providing wise and respectful use of all material and monetary resources. Promoting prudent use of resources and energy. Finding time for work, play and prayer in daily life, which will promote physical, mental and spiritual growth.

St. Scholastica graduate, Kailee Soderlund meeting with a clientPassion that’s paying off

"Seeing each person as equally valuable was something that was instilled in me at St. Scholastica, and it's developed into the way I run my practice today," ... Read More