Admissions Requirements and Checklist

Application timeline

May Start - Duluth

September Start - St. Cloud

Applications for the May 2014 Cohort in Duluth and the September 2014 cohort in St. Cloud will be accepted Aug. 1 - Nov. 1, 2013. Admission is competitive and determined based upon evaluation of baccalaureate degree completed from an accredited institution, evaluation of prerequisite grades, goal statement and possible interview.


B.A./B.S. degree in a non-nursing field from an accredited college or university 


*Please note: The prerequisites have changed:

Lifespan Developmental Psychology (3-4 credits)

General Chemistry - no lab required (3 -4 credits)*

Human Anatomy & Physiology (6-8 credits)*

Microbiology (no lab required) (3 -4 credits)*

Nutrition (minimum 2 credits)

Statistics - Descriptive & Inferential (3 -4 credits)

Pathophysiology (upper-division credits required; cannot be taken at a community college) (3 -4 credits)*

*Science course

It is recommended that you have four prerequisite courses completed (with a grade) at the time of application. It is also recommended that three of the four courses be science courses. Preference will be given based on number of prerequisite courses completed at the time of application. Minimum grade for prerequisite courses is a "C".  Please note, meeting this minimum requirement does not guarantee admission to the program. There is no time limit for taking the prerequisite courses, however you will be held accountable for the content. The accelerated nursing curriculum builds upon the prerequisite courses and requirements. For example, you must understand pathophysiology of disease processes to care for patients with a specific disease. You may want to consider retaking one or more prerequisite courses, especially the science courses, to refresh your knowledge and comprehension. CLEP credits will be accepted for all prerequisite courses if a CLEP exam is available.

Application checklist

  1. Complete application and submit all application materials through Nursing CAS
    1. Request official transcripts (in original sealed envelope from the school): B.A./B.S. transcript showing degree conferred, relevant coursework necessary for admission, and prerequisite coursework. If you will be completing courses after submitting your application, you will need to send updated transcripts to Nursing CAS for verification. If you attended The College of St. Scholastica for your B.A./B.S. or prerequisite coursework, you will still need to request an official transcript to be sent to Nursing CAS. 

      Mail transcripts to: Nursing CAS *Do not send official transcripts to The College of St. Scholastica.*
    2. Combine and upload Plan of Study (.docx) document, resume, and admission essay (in that order) in one Microsoft Word or PDF document.  Nursing CAS will allow only one uploaded document.
    3. Admission essay instructions (this is separate from and in addition to the  Nursing CAS personal statement):
      The essay should represent your highest level of academic writing and demonstrate ability to participate in a rigorous, fast-paced, academic program. Prepare a 1,000 word essay, typed and double-spaced, using 12-point Times New Roman font and one-inch margins, answering the following:
      • What life experiences led you to pursue a post-baccalaureate degree in nursing?
      • What qualities do you possess that will ensure your success in professional nursing?
      • Describe any leadership experiences you have had and how they might affect your nursing practice.
      • What are your career goals?
      • Describe your experiences working with individuals from other cultures. 
      • The choice of an accelerated program has lifestyle implications. Why is this a good time for you to return to school?
    4. Two recommendations are required, however three are allowed. Recommendations are completed as electronic forms through your application portal at  When logged in to the portal under the recommendation section, enter the names and email addresses of the people you want recommendations from.  They will then get an email with a link to fill out the electronic recommendation form.  When this form is completed, it will be added to your application.
  2. A personal interview with a faculty member in the School of Nursing may be requested.
  3. If you have international transcripts or noncitizen status, you will need to send additional documentation.  Please see the International Admissions Policy for complete details.
  4. Discuss financing your education with OneStop early in the application process by calling (877) 287-8716. 
  5. After Nursing CAS receives all application materials, they are verified by Nursing CAS staff. After verification, the application packet will be made available to the Admissions Committee for review and the admissions decision.  Please note that CAS verification takes up to five weeks.

After acceptance

Submit $750 non-refundable deposit along with Decision Response Form

Complete and pass Caregiver and Criminal Background checks. These requirements are mandated by our clinical agencies.

Submit a photocopy of current CPR certificate with expiration date (must be American Heart Association Healthcare Provider CPR course or equivalent)

Submit a photocopy of CNA/NA-R registration and proof of course completion

Submit documentation of completed immunization requirements

Immunization requirements

MMR: (two doses) or positive titers for measles, mumps and rubella.
Tdap: (tetanus, diphtheria, and pertussis vaccine)
Varicella (Chicken Pox): Verbal history OR positive titer OR two doses of varicella vaccine
Tuberculosis (TB): A negative tuberculin skin test (Mantoux); two-step required (two tests with the second being 1-3 weeks after the first - both must be negative).
Hepatitis B series: (three vaccines - can be in process) OR a positive titer.

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