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Live "Diet Free"  Begins Again January 2018!

"Diet Free" is an easy 10-week online program that will help you improve your health! Simply watch a 30-minute video featuring registered dietitian, Zonya Foco, and practice a new habit each week. This program encourages healthy eating and exercise patterns, and is for anyone who wants to improve their well-being. It is also a weight loss program for those who want to lose weight without going on a diet! WellU supplements the web-portal access and the Diet Free user kit! Diet Free is normally $145 per person, but your cost is only $25 (scholarships available)! You may also purchase an extra limited kit for family members. Diet Free is perfect for extended campus employees too. Look for weekly challenges!
The "Diet Free" Program Begins again January 22, 2018!
Please Note: Extended campus employees will be emailed further instructions and a coupon code to order online. The Diet Free user kit is shipped directly to you. WellU covers the shipping fee.
There will be an optional discussion group.  Repeating the program (reinforce new habits) is absolutely free and highly encouraged!

Sign Up Here: https://goo.gl/forms/TI8aNywTACdC7cLk2 (Signing up is a commitment to the program and $25 fee) 

Questions? Please contact Jennifer Widstrom: jwidstrom@css.edu

Lunch & Learn is Back!

November Topic: Improve Your Sleep Habits

Guest Speaker, Dave Swenson

Time: 12:00 p.m.

Place: Burns Wellness Commons room #245

When: Friday, November 17th

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Only 2 More Months to Enjoy Whil.com!
(CSS Membership Ends December 31st!)
Want to improve stress levels, attention span, cognitive skills, and memory? WellU is partnering with the popular online program WHIL.com to help employees improve all aspects of their lives!
Join Whil.


(New to WellU!)
This class is easier than our Stronger Today class. Would you like to learn how to lift weights? Are you just starting a fitness program? Class participants will learn the basics of strength training. This is a beginner level class and everyone is welcome! You will sign a waiver the first day you come to class. Tuesday and Thursday  at  1:00 (40 minutes) at BWC Studio.   Sign Up Here! 


(Strength Training 101 Continues) Learn how to lift weights correctly using weights, bands, compound exercises, and your own body weight as resistance. This class is perfect for most fitness levels; however, beginners may want to try the Strength Training Basics class first. You will increase your strength, balance, and mobility while preparing yourself to do strength training at home on your own too. Tuesday/Thursday at  12:00 (40 minutes) at BWC Studio.  Sign Up Here!

Empower Yourself

Free Training Sessions! (individuals or groups of 2-4 are welcome) Choose one option or do them all!

  1. BWC Orientation (weight machines)
  2. Exercise RX & Motivational Coaching
  3. Fitness Assessments

Monday/Wednesday at 3:00 p.m. & 4:00 p.m. Starts Sept. 18th (Mary Johnson, Graduate Student/Ex Phys). Sign Up Here! 

Stretch Breaks are Back!

Tuesday/Thurday afternoons (Trainer: Mary Johnson, Graduate Student/Exercise Physiology).  Sign Up Here!

T'ai chi

T'ai chi (pronounced "tie gee") is a traditional Chinese discipline that is practiced with slow, relaxed, and circular series of movements. It is practiced for many benefits including mindfulness meditation, relaxation, low impact exercise, and self defense. This course is ongoing as part of the health promotion program at CSS for students, faculty and staff.
Days: Monday & Wednesday
Time: 12:30 p.m. to 1:00 p.m.
Place: BWC Studio
Instructor: Dave Swenson
Date: In session, but new participants are welcome!

Step It Up Challenge! (or down, sideways, diagonally, backwards, bearwalk, meander etc.)

Just Keep stepping! Step it up through Thanksgiving!  This 4 week challenge begins November 13th and ends December 10th.
First place prize: Fitbit Alta, Alta HR, or Charge 2! Every particpant who completes the challenge may choose between a backpack cooler, dufflebag cooler, or amenities kit!  Use your fitness device to connect to dailyendophin.com or pick up a pedometer in T2101B and log your steps in daily.
Join through the link below today...
Use your CSS email to create your profile and join the St. Scholastica Step it Up Challenge!

More programs to be added soon!

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