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April/May 2018 Newsletter:

  • Coming to you in April & May: Empower Yourself for Family Members & Exercise Breaks
  • (new online wellnes program for employees with access to over 4,000 videos on Fitness, nutrition, mindfulness, sleep etc.)
  • "Spring Hospitality" by Gary Boelhower, Mission Integration Advisory Board
  • WellU Programs & Classes Update
  • Nutrition Bites
  • Fitness Focus 

February/March 2018 Newsletter:

  • Coming to you in February: Living the Good Life Challenge & S.O.U.L. Training!
  • WellU Programs and Classes Update
  • "Wellness, Balance, Together" by John Bauman (SOE Faculty) & Ashley Radtke (Class of 2019), Mission Integration
  • Influenza Update
  • Common Preventive Screenings & Exams Schedule For Appropriate Age Groups by Mary Johnson (Ex. Phys. Graduate Student)
  • Nutrition Bites
  • Fitness Focus

November/December 2017 Newsletter:

  • What 's New With WellU?
  • "Silence" by Craig Bridges, Mission Integration
  • How Can You Improve Your Health?
  • Nutrition Bites: Spaghetti Squash Boats by Mind Over Munch
  • Nutrition Bites: Swiss Chard With Raisins & Pine Nuts by Zonya Foco
  • Fitness Focus: Under the Weather 12 Minute Workout Routine by Jessica Smith T.V.

September/October 2017 Newsletter:

  • What's New with WellU?
  • "On Peace and Stability" by Mission Integration Committee
  • Employee Health Risk Assessment and Care Gap Analysis Data
  • Nutrition Bites: 5 Meal Prep Recipes (video)
  • Fitness Focus: 40 Minute Full Body Workout/Beginner Strength Training by Pop Sugar (video)

April/May 2017 Newsletter

  • "A Personal Story of Health & Wellness... Preventive Care is so Important!" by Karla Mees, MS, RN
  • "Spirituality and Health..." by Mission Integration Committee
  • What's New with WellU?
  • Fitness Focus: Low Impact Workout for Beginners - 40 Minute Total Body Beginner Workout (video by Fitness Blenders)

Holiday 2016 Newsletter

  • "Article on Gratitude from Mission Integration" by Gary Boelhower
  • "More than 'the blues': What you need to know about depression" by Hannah Rod
  • WellU Series: Social, Physical, and Intellectual Health (video)
  • Nutrition Bites: Roasted Sweet Potatoes With Honey and Cinnamon by Kate Rod
  • Fitness Focus: Top Exercises for Strong Glutes and a Pain-free Back (video by
  • Fitness Focus: How to Relieve Lower-back Pain Using Myofascial Release (video by
  • Take Advantage of Your Health Benefits!

September/October 2016 Newsletter

  • Welcome Back!
  • What's New with WellU?
  • "Prayer: Strength Training for Your Soul" by Sr. Kathleen Del Monte, OSB
  • "Happiness and Hygge in Denmark" by Laurie Anderson, MA, PSY Instructor
  • "Aging is a Privilege" by Jennifer Widstrom, MS Exercise Physiology
  • "What You Need to Know About Osteoporosis and Sarcopenia" by students, Mary Lehet, Miles Everson, and Kate Rod
  • Nutrition Bites: Simple Ciabatta Bites by Kate Rod
  • "Plank School with Jonathan Ross" (video by
  • WellU Cardiovascular (CV) Clinic
  • Take Advantage of Your Health Benefits!

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