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Tuition and Fees | Undergraduate

Full time

(12-18 credits, fall and spring semesters)

$16,892 per semester ($33,784 annually)

Per credit

(if below 12 credits or over 18 credits)


Health service fee

All registered main campus undergraduate and graduate students taking nine or more credits are charged this fee.

$210 per year/$105 per semester 

Student Health Insurance

All registered main campus undergraduate and graduate students taking nine or more credits are required to either decline or enroll in student health insurance.  All students have the option of enrolling in the College of St. Scholastica Health Insurance Program.  Select the Student Health Insurance link listed above for more information about program details and applicable rates.

Housing Housing*

Somers Residence Hall (first year students residence)

Somers Residence Hall

Double Room:

$4,466 per semester
($8,932 annually)

(shared bedrooms, 2 people)

$4,741 per semester
($9,482 annually) 

A meal plan is included in the cost of Somers Residence Hall. All other prices do not include a meal plan.

Pine, Maple, Willow and Birch Apartments

Pine, Mape, Willow and Birch Apartments

Shared bedroom:
(2 people)

$2,770 per semester
($5,540 annually) 

Cedar, Scanlon and Kerst Hall two-bedroom apartments

Cedar Hall

Shared bedroom:
(2 persons)

$2,857 per semester
($5,714 annually) 

Scanlon and Kerst Hall four-bedroom apartments

Scanlon and Kerst Hall

Shared bedroom:
(2 people)

$3,147 per semester
($6,294 annually) 

Single bedroom:

Call for rate

*Utilities are included in these rates.
*Apartment residents and off-campus students may elect to purchase any of the different meal plans.

Other expenses

Please keep in mind that additional expenses for books, supplies, transportation and personal expenses vary from student to student depending on individual circumstances.

2015-2016 rates apply, unless indicated.

Text Book Allowances

Provided below are the text book allowances that are used for financial aid purposes and calculating a student's Cost of Attendance. The actual cost of text books will vary by program, by vendor, and by book format. Please see eCampus to price out your books.

Undergraduate Text book allowance per semester for Financial Aid purposes
# of Credits Undergraduate Book Allowance
12+ credits $575 per semester
11 credits $535 per semester
10 credits $505 per semester
9 credits $465 per semester
8 credits $435 per semester
7 credits $395 per semester
6 credits $375 per semester
5 credits $0
4 credits $0
3 credits $0

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