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Graphic of a sticker price being cut up.Tuition, fees and additional costs are known as the "sticker price" of a college. As you review the costs, keep in mind that CSS scholarships, outside scholarships, grants and other financial aid knock this sticker price down significantly.


Full time: $17,817 per semester ($35,634 annually) | 12-18 credits, fall and spring semestersPer credit: $1,116 if below 12 credits or over 18 credits

100% of students who were accepted to CSS for the 2014-15 academic year received scholarships and/or grants.


Living in a residence hall allows you to get the full college experience. You will meet people from all around the world just by walking down the hall. You'll make lifelong friends and have easy access to all student services. Here are 10 more reasons to live on campus.

Somers Residence Hall

Double room + meal plan
$4,761 per semester ($9,522 annually)

Suite with living area, two bedrooms (2 people per bedroom) and bathroom + meal plan
$5,054 per semester ($10,108 annually)

Meal plans are required for first-year students living on campus. Costs include both housing and meals.  

Meal plans are not required for students living in apartments. Apartment residents and students living off campus may elect to purchase any of the different meal plans.

Pine, Maple, Willow and Birch Apartments

These apartments house four students with living area, two bedrooms, kitchen and bathroom.
$2,953 per semester ($5,906 annually)

Cedar, Scanlon and Kerst Hall Apartments

These apartments house four students and include a living room, two or four bedrooms, kitchen, dining area and full bath.
Two bedroom apartments: $3,046 per semester ($6,092 annually) 
Four bedroom apartments: $3,355 per semester ($6,710 annually) 

Single bedroom
Contact Residential Life for rate

Utilities are included in these rates.

Fees and expenses

Fees cover various aspects of the college that enhance the overall experience.

Health service fee

All registered main campus undergraduate students taking nine or more credits are charged this fee.

$122 per semester ($244 annually)

This investment covers:

  • Assessment, triage and treatment of acute injury and illness
  • Diagnosis and medical management of chronic illness
  • Physical exams: sports physicals, routine physicals, annual/gynecological exams
  • Health screenings for blood pressure, blood sugar, anemia and cholesterol
  • Health education and information including nutritional assessment and coaching
  • Immunization update and administration
  • Over-the-counter first aid treatment of allergies, mild anemia, fever, pain, cough and sore throat, minor cuts, burns and rash, GI upset
  • Supplies: Ice packs, hot packs, arm slings and crutches

Student services fee

All registered main campus undergraduate students taking six or more credits are charged this fee.

$99 per semester ($198 annually)

This investment:

  • Enhances student support services
  • Allows students to commit funds for student activities
  • Develops and expands programming of interest to students
  • Makes renovations to student living and community spaces

Technology fee

All registered main campus undergraduate students are charged this fee.

Students taking six or more credits: $68 per semester ($136 annually)
Students taking five or fewer credits: $34 per semester ($68 annually)

This investment:

  • Improves network access
  • Enhances student computer labs
  • Improves access to information and services available online and through mobile devices
  • Improves instructional technology to enhance online and classroom instruction

All traditional undergraduate students are required to be covered by medical insurance. Students can opt in to The College of St. Scholastica's insurance program, or provide proof of health insurance. For more information about program details and applicable rates, visit our Student Health Insurance page.

Additional expenses for books and supplies; transportation and personal expenses vary from student to student.

Textbook allowances

Provided below are the textbook allowances that are used for financial aid purposes and calculating a student's cost of attendance. The actual cost of textbooks will vary by program, by vendor and by book format. Please see eCampus to price out your books.

Undergraduate textbook allowance per semester for financial aid purposes
Credits Undergraduate Book Allowance
12+ credits $575 per semester
11 credits $535 per semester
10 credits $505 per semester
9 credits $465 per semester
8 credits $435 per semester
7 credits $395 per semester
6 credits $375 per semester
5 credits $0
4 credits $0
3 credits $0


Making college more affordable

Tuition programs and scholarships can make paying for college manageable. Below are a few examples of how CSS students are making it work.

First-Year Student Examples

Graphic of a person being representedSarah
Total Cost: $7,165
View details

Graphic of a person being representedAustin
Total Cost: $18,104
View details

Graphic of a person being representedMichael
Total Cost: $0
View details

Graphic of a person being representedEmily
Total Cost: $11,697
View details

Transfer Student Examples

Graphic of a person being representedLindsay
Total Cost: $0
View details

Graphic of a person being representedZachary
Total Cost: $6,167
View details

These examples of paying for college are a few of many possible combinations and do not guarantee that you will be awarded these exact amounts or other scholarships and financial aid. Numerous financial aid and scholarship options other than those listed are available and each have different eligibility requirements. These examples are based on 2016-17 tuition rates and fees.

We're here to help

Working out how to pay for college can be a little complicated, but with our expert help, you’ll have no problems. The good news: There is no cost or obligation to apply to CSS, complete your FAFSA and receive a financial aid award letter, all of which will help you make an informed decision about paying for college.

If you have any questions, contact your St. Scholastica admissions counselor at (800) 249-6412 or by email.

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