CSSyes is free tuition for students who will make the most of it.

As a high school guidance counselor, you know which students stand out. You also know who - because of financial limitations - stands the greatest chance of falling behind.

St. Scholastica's CSSyes program is for
low-income students with a
 cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher,
 and who are U.S. citizens.


Personal attention. Prestigious education. Zero tuition.

Everyone deserves the chance to go to college, but many great students don't believe it's possible - especially at a private, liberal-arts institution. Their parents simply can't afford it, and they're not sure if there's enough financial aid out there to help.

CSSyes makes it possible by:

  • Covering remainder of tuition (this does not include room/board or books) after factoring in the Benedictine Scholarship, other St. Scholastica scholarships and grants, and state and federal grant funding;
  • Renewing each year, for up to three additional years or until the student receives a bachelor's degree, as long as the student maintain's Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) along with full-time enrollment status (12-18 credits).  SAP is defined as a 67% completion rate and a 2.0 GPA, or better.
  • Allowing the student to earn outside scholarships to cover room, board and books.

You know the students we're talking about.

We'd love to make college affordable for these standout students, but we need your help. 

Download and print our invitation to CSSyes and give it to a student you think would be best benefited by exploring this program and our college.

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  • "I felt comfortable with my choice to come to St. Scholastica because my family and I understood the investment here, which felt more like what we thought a public school would cost. The admissions and financial aid departments did everything they could to help us through the process and understand that St. Scholastica is affordable. It has been more than worth it."

    – Jacob

  • "I come from a low-income family and I am paying less than I would at a public college. St. Scholastica helped direct me to great scholarships that made it affordable. It is satisfying to know I will have a great education from a college that will help support me through my journey."

    – Rachael

  • "The Financial Aid Department at St. Scholastica is ready and willing to make the school accessible to those with a genuine interest in a broad education and awards incredible amounts each year in scholarships and aid. For the high quality of services provided, attending St. Scholastica was no doubt a savvy investment for me."

    – James