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Books and Housing


Students are able to obtain their textbooks, free of charge per PSEO regulations, through our online bookstore at St. Scholastica.

The College of St. Scholastica textbooks are the property of the College. Students must return the books to the PSEO coordinator at the end of each semester. Students who wish to keep their books must consult the program coordinator.

Transcripts are not issued to PSEO students until all books are returned


On-campus housing for full-time PSEO students will be reviewed on an individual, first-come, space-available basis. The College limits the number of PSEO students living on campus to no more than five.

A student's permanent residence must normally be outside a 40-mile radius of campus to be considered for the residence hall.

All PSEO students requesting on-campus housing must come with a parent or guardian for a required interview with the Director of Residential Life. The purpose of the interview is to clarify responsibilities, procedures and policies for living in the residence hall as well as to determine the student's suitability for on-campus living.

Priority for space in on-campus housing is given to traditional, full-time degree-seeking students. PSEO students are not guaranteed housing. On-campus housing availability is determined after Aug. 1 each year. Therefore, it is recommended that students needing housing make arrangements to live off campus, to be prepared in the event housing on campus is not available.

The state of Minnesota under the Post-secondary Enrollment Options Act does not pay room and board costs. These costs are the responsibility of the student/parents.