Communications Major and Minor

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Fast Facts: Communications Major and Minor

  • Select from four different concentration tracks
  • Unique focus on intercultural communication as well as interpersonal communication
  • Vast array of internship opportunities
  • Preparation for a variety of versatile career options

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Become an effective communicator

The study of communication is the study of messages, from the interpersonal level to mass-mediated forms. The College of St. Scholastica prepares its Communications students to design, adapt and analyze messages that are targeted to specific audiences in a variety of settings. The students enrolled in this program will be able to create and critique persuasive arguments and conduct important industry-related research.

The Communications major understands the rights and responsibilities of communicators as well as the historical and contemporary contexts of the field. Our school has crafted a comprehensive Communications program that prepares students to:

  • Develop exceptional writing and analytical skills
  • Become proficient in digital literacy
  • Formulate and evaluate persuasive arguments
  • Fulfill personal and career goals by being able to recognize, analyze and work to resolve legal, ethical and social issues related to professional practice
  • Interpret rhetorical situations and respond accordingly

The program is designed for students with a wide range of interests. This is achieved by offering four distinct concentration tracks that allow students to tailor their studies to better achieve their unique career goals. Areas of concentration include:

Prepare for career success

Clear and effective communication is essential in this digital age - and our program prepares students for success after graduation through courses in intercultural communication, media literacy, film, argumentation, persuasion and many others. Internship credits are not always required (and depend on the chosen concentration), although opportunities abound for Communications majors. These experiences provide students with invaluable real-world opportunities as they work with area businesses to enhance their portfolios and general industry repertoires. Program alumni have interned at radio stations, public arts commissions, television stations, advertising agencies, professional sports organizations and a number of other professional environments. The spectrum of job opportunities in the field of communications is constantly expanding as people in every industry can benefit from the skills garnered from this degree. Graduates of the Communications program have gone on to pursue fulfilling careers as journalists, lawyers, lobbyists, photographers, sales representatives, publishers, film producers and directors.


Our Bachelor's degree in Communications is offered exclusively on our Duluth campus.

Pair with a language

Boost your brain power and give yourself a competitive edge in our global economy by pairing your major with a language. St. Scholastica offers programs and courses in American Sign Language, French, German, Latin, Ojibwe, Russian and Spanish.

Sample curriculum

Here are some classes you could take as part of this major or minor. Please note that you would not necessarily need all of these courses to fulfill a major or minor. This list doesn't include general education courses. Be sure to create your course plan in consultation with your advisor.

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  • "My degree gave me the education to break down arguments, take apart concepts and reconstruct ideas in a manner that fits the purpose. I use the information I learned through my communications major on a daily basis.”

    – Ilsa Peterson, ‘06