Art Major and Minor

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Fast Facts: Art Major and Minor

  • The perfect program for students who are passionate about creating art and in reflecting on its relevance and importance in today's world.
  • Program prepares each student to develop his or her own unique voice as a visual artist within a medium of his or her choice.
  • Small classes, with many taught by PoLin Kosuth, an internationally renowned artist.
  • Students can choose from painting/drawing, graphic design or photography concentrations within the program.

Program Requirements

Major: 38 credits
Minor: 22 credits


While internships are not mandatory, students are encouraged to seek them. Students have interned at regional arts councils and graphic design majors often participate in internships at advertising agencies.  


Students who majored in art have gone on to work in a variety of professions, including architecture, education, art therapy, graphic design and the fine arts. Others have gone on to pursue graduate degrees.

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Boost your brain power and give yourself a competitive edge in our global economy by pairing your major with a language. St. Scholastica offers programs and courses in American Sign Language, French, German, Latin, Ojibwe, Russian and Spanish.

Sample Curriculum

Here are some classes you could take as part of this major or minor. Please note that you would not necessarily need all of these courses to fulfill a major or minor. This list doesn't include general education courses. Be sure to create your course plan in consultation with your advisor.

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Expand and Collapse Coursework

Expand and Collapse ART 1105 - Introduction to Art

Introduces students to different media and processes in studio art, reviews major movements in art history and introduces terminology to discuss art processes and products.

Expand and Collapse ART 1120 - Drawing I

Develops the student’s sense of familiarity and ease with drawing materials as well as his/her sense of perception, which goes beyond the limitations of habit. It also explores subjective approaches to subject matter. Traditional situations and materials form the basis of the course.

Expand and Collapse ART 1124 - Basic Design

Studies the elements and the principles of design and their application to fine art and commercial art. Various media are used to experiment with both two- and three-dimensional structures.

Expand and Collapse ART 1126 - Modern Art History

Examines works of art produced during the 20th century, starting in 1870 with the art of the Impressionists. Focus on analyzing how artists’ subjects and styles are shaped by and express opinions about historical events, social ideologies and theoretical issues in visual culture. Investigate how works of art functioned within their time, as well as their relevance to how we perceive art currently. While Art History typically is explored by the use of images, lectures and reading, this course will also delve into the subject using group discussions, videos, and hands-on activities which may include field trips and guest speakers.

Expand and Collapse ART 4577 - Art Major Capstone Project

In this course, art major students develop a body of work based on a personal theme and prepare it for a solo exhibition. The course performs a secondary role of preparing students for a career in art after graduation.

Expand and Collapse Concentrations

Expand and Collapse Painting/Drawing

Expand and Collapse ART 2121 - Beginning Painting

Explores painting both as a practical application of a tool for Art-making as well as addressing its historical applications as an art form. Examines color, form, composition, and expression, enables further personal expression with paint.

Expand and Collapse ART 2122 - Color Theory

An introductory study course to train students to understand and be more sensitive to the perception and use of color. A combination of lecture, projects and experiments explores color pigment and physics of color. ART 1124 recommended.

Expand and Collapse ART 2220 - Drawing II

Advances technical drawing skill, expands awareness of drawing processes and purposes and develops individual expression through drawings. Color is introduced. Prerequisite: ART 1120 or consent of instructor.

Expand and Collapse ART 2221 - Painting II

Concentrates on using acrylic to explore painting technique. Students experiment with subject matter, color, space and composition in a traditional form. Prerequisite: ART 2121 or consent of instructor.

Expand and Collapse ART 2320 -

Expand and Collapse ART 3321 - Advanced Painting

Provides a sequence of conceptual painting problems based upon modern and contemporary artistic practices as well as historical applications. Engages specific topics in painting, defines personal voice and develops an informed individual aesthetic. Course can be taken for 2-6 credits and/or repeated for a total not exceeding six credits.

Expand and Collapse ART 3420 - Advanced Drawing

Develops a greater level of conceptual knowledge and technical skill, through drawing utilizing observation, portraiture and experimentation with a variety of mediums and techniques. Enhances depth of knowledge through critical readings, demonstrations, visiting artists, and/or visits to contemporary art exhibitions. Course can be taken for 2-6 credits and/or repeated for a total not exceeding six credits.

Expand and Collapse ART 3421 -

Expand and Collapse ART 4521 -

Expand and Collapse ART 4621 -

Expand and Collapse Photography

Expand and Collapse ART 1107 - Photography I

Introduction to black and white photography: basic camera operation, film and print development, exposure and photo history and aesthetics. Students will also learn about photojournalism and digital photography. A 35 mm manual camera is required. The student must purchase film and paper.

Expand and Collapse ART 2207 - Photography II

Exploration of the zone system for 35mm and various black and white print and film processes including infrared and kodalith stocks, print toning and other special effects. Students will also work with studio lighting and view cameras and become familiar with both fine art and commercial studio photography aesthetics and practices.

Expand and Collapse ART 2307 - Digital Photography

Introductory course to digital image making. Students work with digital SLR cameras and the latest photographic software to produce an entirely digital portfolio. Composition and visual aesthetics are emphasized. Digital SLR cameras are provided by the school.

Expand and Collapse ART 3327 - Color & Landscape Photography

Color photographic aesthetics and theory are studied; these principles are then applied to the practice and technique of landscape photography. Digital SLR cameras are required and are provided by the school. Prereq: ART/CTA 1107 and ART/CTA 2307, or instructor approval.

Expand and Collapse ART 4427 - Alternative Photography Method

Explores late 19th and early 20th century printing techniques as alternatives to modern photo methods. Students use the sun as a light source to print cyanotypes (blue prints), van dyke (brown prints) and gum bichromate images. Modern techniques such as infrared photography are also included.

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  • "The art program here allows students and teachers creatively grow together. I worked closely with talented, successful artists who brought their real-world knowledge and experience to the classroom. I loved the small classes and the relationships I built with my classmates and instructors."

    – Whitley Mike, ‘12