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CAHIIM LogoThe bachelor's and master's degree programs at The College of St. Scholastica are accredited by the Commission on Accreditation for Health Informatics and Information Management Education (CAHIIM).

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100 percent of employers surveyed in 2014 indicate that the quality of program graduates have met their expectations.

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Curriculum | Online B.S. HIM

The B.S. in Health Information Management program curriculum emphasizes the application of technology to the practice of HIM. It also focuses on building lifelong problem-solving and critical-thinking skills as well as written and verbal communication skills.

The focus of the curriculum is to produce leaders in the field of health information management.  Students are given opportunities throughout the curriculum to develp the leadership skills that will help them uphold the leadership tradition of the program.

Program requirements

As part of the educational requirements for a Bachelor of Science degree in HIM, students are required to complete courses with a grade of C or better.

To earn a Health Information Management bachelor's degree from The College of St. Scholastica you will need:

  • 128 earned semester credits
  • 32 of the 128 semester credits earned through The College of St. Scholastica
  • 42 of the 128 upper-division credits (numbered 3000 or above)
  • Students are required to participate in a Professional Practice Experience — HIM 4555 near the end of their program. 

Included in the total credits are:

  • Technical-level HIM courses transferred from HIT program, when applicable
  • HIM courses earned via the online undergraduate HIM program.
  • General education/liberal arts courses earned through St. Scholastica or a local college.
  • Elective credits.
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Expand and Collapse Required Courses

Expand and Collapse CIS 3107 - Database Modeling

Provides an understanding of fundamental concepts in the management of data, hands-on experience with a small-scale database management system, and an awareness of the application of business data base management systems. Lab exercises involve use of a relational DBMS to load, update and retrieve information from a database. Prerequisite: CIS 1007.

Expand and Collapse HIM 3311 - Managing Human Resources

Overview of quality management principles; supervisory management related specifically to managing health information services; employee selection, training and development; labor relations and employee relations; managing difficult employees and implementing disciplinary policies; employee performance; evaluation and compensation. Prerequisite: HIM 2110.

Expand and Collapse HIM 4421 - Alternative Health Record Syst

Health record content and format; regulatory and accreditation requirements; privacy & security requirements, data standards and classification systems; computerized information systems; reimbursement and compliance issues; quality measures and reporting, and current trends and issues in a variety of types of primary healthcare settings. Prerequisite: HIM 4231, HIM 4232.

Expand and Collapse HIM 4530 - Progression Prog Clin Visits

Clinical Visits is a component of the professional practice experience for students in the distance/online program. Students visit and learn about the information systems in specialty or unique non-hospital settings, agencies or facilities. Prerequisites: Permission of HIIM Department.

Expand and Collapse HIM 4540 - Progression Prog Admin Proj

Administrative Project is a component of the professional practice experience for students in the distance/online program. The focus is on defining and conducting a faculty-approved practice-related project with the support of an on-site mentor. Prerequisites: Permission of HIIM Department.

Expand and Collapse HIM 4550 - Progression Prog Affiliation

Management Affiliation is a component of the professional practice experience for distance/online students. It provides a supervised professional practice experience that focuses on management or other approved practice environment. The Management Affiliation can be completed in hospitals, medical centers, clinics or other alternative settings across the United States. Prerequisites: Permission of the HIIM Department.

Expand and Collapse HIM 4556 - Seminar in Health Information Management

Seminar is a student-centered experience revolving around internship experiences. Students discuss and present professional practice experiences; share learning experiences, and present project work. In addition, employment preparation and career opportunities are a focus. HIM professionals in unique career settings are invited to interact with the students. Preparation for the credentialing examination is explored to help the student transition successfully into the professional world. Prerequisite: HIM 4555 or HIM 4530, 4540, 4550.

Transferring credits

The College of St. Scholastica will accept credits in transfer from any post-secondary accredited college or university. Grades earned must be a C or better for transfer. To transfer credits an official transcript must be sent directly to St. Scholastica.

Online undergraduate HIM students who earned their HIT education through the AHIMA Independent Study (ISP) courses from 1980-99 will be granted 24 college-level credits for their education. An official transcript from AHIMA is needed to transfer the credits. ISP graduates also must take the following courses:

  • HIM 3132 Medicolegal Issues
  • HIM 4231 Clinical Quality Management
  • HSC 2203 U.S. Health Care System (also available as an online course)

And also must take the following challenge exam:

  • HIM 4232 Ambulatory Reimbursement Systems (CPT coding)

Graduates of the AMRA Correspondence course (1963-79) must take challenge exams or courses to earn credit for the courses listed above plus the following:

  • HIM 2110 Concepts & Principles of HIM
  • HIM 2111 HIM Technologies in Practice
  • HIM 2101 Medical Language

And the following challenge exam:

  • HIM 3211 Classification of Health Data (ICD-9-CM coding)

Graduates from both programs also will need to take:

  • HIM 2102 Pharmacotherapeutics, 1 credit, offered online every fall

Foundational courses

Students without a two-year HIT degree or whose HIT curriculum doesn't indicate a comparable course also will need to take the following foundational courses either online through CSS or at a local college:

  • Vertebrate Anatomy and Physiology with a lab
  • Introductory computer course
  • Managing Human Resources (HIM 3311)
  • US Health Care System (HSC 2203)
  • Fundamentals of (HIM 2112)
  • Medical Language (HIM 2101)
  • Pharmacotherapeutics (HIM 2102)
  • Medicolegal Issues (HIM 3132)
  • Classification of Health Data: ICD-9-CM (HIM 3211)
  • Clinical Quality Management (HIM 4231)
  • Ambulatory Reimbursement Systems: CPT (HIM 4232)
  • Directed Practice Internship (HIM 4520)

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