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Helping you finish your college degree.

Only half of students nationally who start a college degree finish in six years. Along the way, many students accumulate college credits, work experience, military service, training and other learning, but don't have a degree to show for it.

That's where CSS Complete comes in.

CSS Complete offers self-motivated learners with previous college credit a flexible and affordable pathway to finishing a college degree. We evaluate and validate learning acquired through a variety of settings, including massive open online courses (MOOCs), military service or work experience, and transfer credits. A Completion Coach helps determine how your previous experience meets our degree requirements. For many students, it's possible to design a very low-cost baccalaureate degree.

More ways to learn. More ways to earn college credit.

St. Scholastica has a suite of tools to help you demonstrate your mastery of a variety of topics. Combine up to 96 cumulative credits from any of the sources listed below and 32 credits from St. Scholastica, including general education and major requirements.

Transfer credits

It's all right if you have a few credits from here and a few credits from there. Your Completion Coach will work with you to determine which credits fulfill course requirements and how you can complete your degree most efficiently.

Portfolio assessment

Your Completion Coach will help you assemble your work experience, military service and other prior learning and evaluate it against course outcomes. You may earn credit for learning obtained on the job, as a volunteer, through MOOCs or elsewhere.

Challenge exams

Designed by St. Scholastica faculty to evaluate your mastery of subject matter in a variety of courses, Challenge Exams allow you the opportunity to demonstrate learning and earn college credit.

CLEP exams

The College-Level Examination Program (CLEP), offered by the College Board, provides you with an opportunity to prove mastery and earn college credit in any of 33 subjects.

Universal Availability

No matter where you're from — in-state, out of state or even abroad — the CSS Complete pathway is open to you, with no difference in tuition. 

Learn more about how we assess your prior learning

Keep your focus on learning. We’ll help with the details.

Your Completion Coach will be your partner in:Our Completion Coaches can guide you through the process.

  • Creating a degree plan
  • Transferring college credits to St. Scholastica
  • Identifying alternative paths to credit
  • Choosing the right degree program
  • Identifying opportunities for financial aid

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Step 1

Contact a Completion Coach by filling out the Request Information form at the top of this page.

Step 2

Your Completion Coach will work with you to create a degree plan.

Step 3

You're on your way to completing a college degree.

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"I had 20 years of experience and lots of credits and education but no degree to show for it.

St. Scholastica helped me plan my Portfolio Assessment. By using my work experience, I was able to gain 28 credits very inexpensively."


– Stacia Cohen, St. Scholastica Alum

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