Steps to Join

St. Scholastica is committed to providing veteran-friendly programs and services to make college a smooth and successful experience. A home base for veterans, St. Scholastica's Veterans Resource Center fosters a sense of camaraderie and community among veterans, current and former military members, and their families. You'll find a variety of resources to help guide you from admission through your college career - and beyond. Here are few of the steps you will want to take to be sure you are ready to go when classes begin:

  1. Contact Jessica Johnston at or 218-723-6645. She serves as the contact person for all veterans and military education benefits and student success, and she can assist you with the entry process and the below tasks. She will give you a welcome packet with valuable information about benefit processes at CSS and support resources for your success and access to the Veterans Resource Center.
  2. Research and confirm CSS at the best school for you and your academic pursuits.
  3. Research and apply for benefits. For assistance on this step, contact David Martin at 218-260-6558 or 218-723-4604 with the Minnesota VA. David is the Duluth/Superior expert on military education benefits, and his job is to help veterans and their families attending CSS, among other schools, apply for and understand their benefits.
    • GI Bill®, Montgomery GI Bills, and Dependent Education Assistance (DEA): to apply.
      • If you've used the benefit before, you need to submit a 22-1905 on
    • Vocational Rehabilitation: Contact a Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor to apply.
    • Minnesota State Tuition Reimbursement (STR): Contact your education officer at your base to apply.
    • Federal Tuition Assistance (FTA): Contact your education officer at your base to apply.
    • MN GI Bill: Contact David Martin to apply.
    • ROTC Scholarship: Contact ROTC Captain to apply.
  4. Submit benefit paperwork to CSS.  
    • GI Bill®, Montgomery GI Bills, and DEA: Submit Certificate of Eligibility to George Beattie
    • Vocational Rehabilitation: Submit 1905 to
    • FTA: Work with Jessica Johnston on your degree plan.
  5. Take time to learn the details of your benefits. is a great resource. A few areas to pay attention to: What it takes to be full-time, BAH amounts, payment guidelines, actions you need to take to maintain your benefits, and grades you need to earn.
  6. Complete the Veteran Information Form and carefully read through the last section.
  7. Request official, sealed transcripts from previous accredited institutions, including your JST, which is available here, for those in the Army, Navy, Coast Guard, and Marines. For those in the Air Force, submit your transcript from the Community College of the Air Force. Note: We follow American Council on Education (ACE) guidelines and will assess for college credit to award.
  8. Complete the Free Application for Student Aid (FAFSA). Our school code is 002343.
  9. Register for classes. If using education benefits and you need to make changes after the term starts, contact George Beattie within two days of the changes.
  10. Like us on Facebook - "CSS Military Community."