Applying to the CLEAN program

  1. Actively pursue a recovery program and maintain a minimum of three months of continuous sobriety.
  2. Talk with CLEAN staff and CLEAN students about the program to gain a better understanding of whether this program is right for you in your recovery and education. Call the CLEAN office to start this conversation!  (218) 723-6527 or email
  3. Schedule an interview with a staff member of the CLEAN Program by calling the office number (218) 723-6527 or emailing Julie Gehlen at Note: Telephone interviews are available only to applicants who live a considerable distance from Duluth, Minn.
  4. If you are intending to be a CSS Student, apply and be accepted to The College of St. Scholastica. More information about this process. Note: Acceptance to The College of St. Scholastica is independent of the CLEAN Program. Although CLEAN staff members may advocate for you and your acceptance to the college, the admissions process is facilitated by the admissions staff and your acceptance depends on whether or not you meet the admissions requirements.
  5. Complete interview questionnaire (pdf) to prepare for your interview with CLEAN staff.
  6. Submit 2-3 letters of recommendation (pdf)
  7. In the interview process, as a final part of the admission to CLEAN, you will recieve an agreement/contract.  You will go over that agreement about expectations with the coordinator of the program.  Signing it is the final step in the process.
  8. If your sobriety date changes after your interview, inform CLEAN staff of the relapse. We will work with you if you still want to participate in CLEAN.

Contact Us

(800) 249-6412  ext. 6527
(218) 723-6527

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(218) 723-6o46

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