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Fostering the Roots of Cross-Racial Competence Workshop


"This is needed and vital for change..."

Through trainings like this, I can see hope for the future, as it creates an awakening in each of the participants...." 

"I do believe my new understanding will improve my effectiveness as a change agent....." 

"Will be much more conscious of my actions and attitudes towards everyone...." 

"I will be more aware, a better advocate and more culturally competent...."

"Very thought provoking..."


This training covers the basic pedagogical aspects of dominant/subordinate behaviors, power and privilege.  These frameworks can be applied to all existing oppressions.  Given the time constraints, it intentionally utilizes the vehicle  race and system of racism.  The workshop recognizes the interconnectedness of all existing oppressions and outcomes are intended to provide learners with a framework for thoughtfully considering our personal responsibility to confront discrimination in all forms.  Through analyzing the roots of cross-racial competence, one of the goals of the workshop is to inspire participants through self-reflection to engage in personal transformation,  taking steps towards transcending race and the system of racism .  The hope is that skills and knowledge gained from this workshop can also be transposed and applied to other areas of study and action.

The Department of Institutional Diversity and many other entities on campus currently does and will continue to provide opportunities to explore many different aspects of Diversity.  For more information about this, please contact Emily Johnson or Nam Provost.


The Workshop consists of six, 2.5 hour sessions that total 15 hours.



Provide a foundation to move the College from "Good to Great" with regard to campus inclusiveness through the building of cross-racial competence at all levels of the campus community.


Building institutional capacity for Racial and Cultural competence is reflected in the Presidents' Initiatives, the College's Mission and the overall strategic plan that currently emphasizes the need to increase racial diversity within the student body.  The Fostering the Roots of Cross Racial Competence curriculum was initially developed by CSS community members Nam Provost (Intercultural and Diversity Services) and Kevin Skwira-Brown (Adjunct, Social Work) in partnership with Duluth Community Action colleagues, Xavier Bell and Allegra Henderson.


If you would like to be alerted to upcoming sessions, follow the following linkand input your contact information.


Fostering the Roots of Cross-Racial Competence builds capacity within individuals to examine and change personal and institutional patterns that are barriers to full inclusion.  The dynamic and responsive curriculum utilizes time for open dialogue and provides a setting of safety to overcome  differences in order to answer the question "What does racial/cultural competence look like day to day?"  The Workshop is designed for flexible delivery to accommodate varied academic schedules.