Programs and Services

The Office of Diversity and Inclusion exists to serve the entire campus community, with the goal of continuously fostering a welcoming and inclusive environment for all. We take very seriously our charge to not only expand campus diversity, but to sustain an environment in which all feel welcome and valued; regardless of race, age, class, gender, sexual orientation, physical abilities or qualities and ethnicity.

Services include:

  • Advocacy services for students from diverse backgrounds, including but not limited to students of color and gay and lesbian students.
  • Workshops and training on Intercultural issues and inclusivity
  • Annual training on diversity and intercultural issues for new and returning students.
  • Training opportunities on diversity and intercultural issues for student advisors, residential advisors and other student leadership.
  • Classroom presentations on topics related to diversity (by faculty request)
  • Organizing campus panel discussions on intercultural issues and topics.
  • Collaboration with Human Resources to ensure diverse hiring practices and support for diverse faculty.