Accommodation Letter Request

To activate the issued accommodations from the Center for Equal Access, a student must complete the online request form.  This form must be completed at the beginning of each semester.

By requesting accommodation letters through the Center for Equal Access, students acknowledge an understanding of their own responsibility which includes:

  • Accommodations by nature seek to level the playing field when a disability substantially limits one or more major life activities.  
  • Accommodations are not retroactive; they begin the day the accommodations letter is issued, which is one business day after submission of the accommodation letter request.
  • Accommodations are considered reasonable if they do not alter the fundamental outcomes of the course.

Please Note: In order to utilize certain accommodations (e.g. alternative testing, auxiliary aids, consideration for absences or extended time, voluntary note-taker) there are additional procedures which must be followed (once a student has requested Letters of Accommodation). For more information, please see Accommodation Procedures.