Faculty Rights and Responsibilities

The College of St. Scholastica must provide reasonable accommodations to "level the playing field," but the student must be able to meet all academic requirements and abide by the Student Code of Conduct.   

Academic requirements are not waived due to a student's disability. Students must be able to meet the academic requirements with the approved accommodations.  Auxiliary aids include adaptations needed to make the College campus and programs accessible. The Center for Equal Access (the Center) is not obligated to provide the same accommodations received in high school or other colleges, or all the accommodations recommended by a medical professional. No accommodations will be provided until adequate documentation is received.  It is the student's responsibility to plan ahead if the accommodation or auxiliary aid requires a long lead-time, such as a sign language interpreter. Please review the Center for Equal Access Faculty/Staff Handbook for additional information. 

Faculty have the right to:

  • Request clarification of student accommodations from the Center.
  • Ask for support from the Center.
  • Provide input on alternative accommodations when situations arise.

 Faculty have the responsibility to:

  • Comply with the accommodations granted by the Center. 
  • Present a statement about accommodations in all course syllabi.
  • Refer students who disclose a disability to the Center.
  • Utilize the Testing Center for students with testing accommodations.
  • Ensure online course content is Section 508 compliant.