Writing Cover Letters

Did you know, your cover letter should be employer-centered, not self-centered?

A cover letter is a chance to tell your professional story and demonstrate your written communication skills. It should be  sincere, honest, enthusiastic, concise, formatted properly, and free of errors.. A good cover letter displays your depth of understanding of the company and job you are applying for. Contact Career Services for help along the way. 

Tools to create an effective cover letter 

  1. Write a unique cover letter for each position you apply to.  
  2. Look at cover letter examples in our Job Search Handbook or search for cover letters in your field on Google images.
  3. Review step-by-step instructions on the Cover Letter Checklist.
  4. Utilize these additional cover letter resources:
  5. Visit our student Job Skills Assistant drop-in hours or by appointment (see sidebar)
  6. Email your cover letter to careers@css.edu for editing
  7. Make an appointment for a cover letter review by calling 218-723-6085 or emaiing careers@css.edu

Start Here

  1. Review the cover letter checklist
  2. Edit your cover letter accordingly
  3. Email your cover letter to Career Services for edits or visit our Job Skills Assistant for help

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