Frequently Asked Questions about Tutoring at St. Scholastica

What can I expect from a tutor session? You can expect help finding answers to questions and gain further clarification and practice on topics you are trying to grasp better.  You can expect to learn study tips and specific strategies for classes or professors and receive help working through attempted homework questions.  Our tutors are also pros at quizzing students for practice before tests and quizzes, which allows you to identify areas needing additional study time. Plus, they have experience in the courses they are tutoring, so they have experience successfully applying the study techniques they teach.

Do I need an appointment? No! Walk-in's are welcome and encouraged! Please check the schedule and stop in when a tutor on your specific subject is on duty. Distance or online student? Email and check out Smarthinking available on the "Resources" tab in Blackboard.

Can I get a private tutor? We do not have the ability to offer completely private tutoring sessions due to our purpose as a walk-in center, but we will do our best to answer your questions during your time in the center. If you'd like to know the least busy times, email

Does it cost money?  No, your tuition dollars cover all services provided by the Center.

Who knows that I met with a tutor? You, the tutor, lead tutor, and program coordinator, Jessica Johnston.

Why should I trust a tutor? Tutors are trained in confidentiality requirements as well as faculty recommended for their position on campus.

What is tutoring not?  Tutoring is not a time to sit and complete an entire homework assignment, expect someone else do your work, or make up for not attending class. It's meant to support classroom time. You are always welcome to hangout in the Center, do your homework, and then get assistance when needed.

 In what subjects does the Center offer support? Math, chemistry, biology, accounting, finance, physics, psychology, statistics, economics, medical terminology, computer science, and nursing. Writing support is provided through the Writing Center, and world language support is offered through the GCL department.

Who are the tutors? Tutors are undergraduate students, usually juniors and seniors, who have successfully completed the courses they tutor. Tutors are recommended by professors as possessing helpful skills, knowledge, and insights they can pass along to other students.