Online Resources for Academic Success

Resources are not limited to on campus - academic skills, habits, and techniques to reach any academic goal can be found online. Here are a few websites selected by our staff; for consultation and further assistance, contact Jessica Johnston, Academic Support Services Coordinator, at or

Examining and Shaping the Learner: You!

Learning Assessments: Knowing your learning style can help you improve in the classroom and outside on your own study time:

Habit Building: Habits take time to develop; persistence is key!

Don't Waste Time & Plan Your Success with Effective Time Management: Plan your week, month, and semester and boost your productivity by improving your working environment, eliminating distractions, and getting organized.

Tasks for in the Classroom and Homework

 Note Taking: Improve both your listening and note taking skills in the classroom.

Google Read & Write: A cool resource for note-taking on and listening to PDF's and listening and marking web-based articles and Google Documents.

  • Read&Write for Google Chrome TM offers a range of powerful support tools to help students gain confidence with reading, writing, studying and research.
  • It boosts reading and writing confidence and offers support to students using Google Docs and websites. It works seamlessly in Blackboard, for example, and allows you to listen to the text while it is highlighted for on the computer screen.
  • It's free to all students and faculty at St. Scholastica! You must be signed in to Google Chrome from your email address. Watch this overview video to learn more!
  • Instructions to sign in from a: personal computer and lab computer

Time Between Class and the Test: Study Time!

Studying to the Depth of the Test: Using Bloom's Taxonomy: Critical thinking will help you improve your test results and classroom participation.

Thinking about One's Thinking with Metacognition: Reflection on your thinking and what material you understand, and what you don't, is important to effective preparation of a test.

 Oh the Reading: Critical reading is a way to engage with the text to help you understand and ask questions about what you are reading.

The Study Cycle: Each study session should have a flow and optimize your memory's capacity.

Subject-Specific Resources: Online videos and resources can be found for every subject. Here are a few of our favorites:


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