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College is not just about making the grade, but figuring out and mastering the art of successful study habits. If you would like to improve your study and living habits, this is the place for you! Contact the CAS at or email Jessica Johnston at to schedule an appointment.

Topics include but are not limited to:

Note Taking: The style of the class and how the instructor delivers the message is crucial to quality notes. We can discuss a variety of ways to structure notes, both lecture and from the text, how to edit notes, and use shorthand.

Concentration and Distractions: Through a series of questions, we can discuss barriers to learning and how to improve concentration while studying.

Memory: Our brain is mysterious and miraculous at the same time! In the context of how the brain retains and recalls information, we can discuss and practice techniques to improve memory and recall.

Time Management and Organization: Looking at how the student manages and prioritizes time. We can introduce strategies that are considered "best practices" for college students today.

Test Taking and Test Anxiety: Taking tests causes anxiety for many college students. Many students feel they are poor objective test takers. Often the study strategies leading up to content on tests do not match up. We can discuss habits of studying and dissect the reasons for poor test scores.

Critical Reading Skills: Many students finish a chapter in a textbook and/or required reading and ask themselves, "What did I just read?" We can discuss various critical reading techniques and strategies to improve the student's reading rate and comprehension of the text.

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