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Online Registration

How to Register Online

1. Know your registration time
Registration times are given in order of credits at CSS. Graduate students/seniors register first, followed by juniors, sophomores, and freshmen. After all current students have the opportunity to register, new students and non-degree seeking students are allowed to register for courses.

2. Know your alternate pin
Your advisor will give you this number at your advisement session. Please remember this number until the start of the semester. This number will allow you to add/drop classes during winter break.

3. Know Cor
Cor is the system you will use to register online. Complete instructions follow:

1. On the CSS homepage (, click on "Cor" under the "Logins" heading at the top of the page. Enter your USER ID and your Student ID number. Alternately, you can look up your user name and password at:
2. Click on the "OneStop" tab across the top of the page once you are in COR.
3. Click on "Add or Drop Classes" on the left hand side of the page in the "Begin Registration here" box or click on "Register for Classes" on the checklist in the center of the page.
4. Select the proper semester then enter the alternate PIN you received from your academic advisor then enter the CRN's of the courses.